Spring Festival Gala highlights, Zhao Liying nervous, Deng Chao too active, Shen Teng appeared laughing the audience

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What made you laugh at this year’s Gala?What shows are you making fun of?Compared with previous years, this year’s Spring Festival Gala is really good, there are new host out of the circle, there are old host’s mouth ladle incident, needless to say, we know who it is.More old drama bone active New Year and so on, is really too good!Let’s see deng Chao is too active, it feels like drinking fake wine on stage.Be sun Li big sister ridicule for: “attention point, super elder brother, jump out of the picture.”Think about it, that picture is really funny, but also really very good-looking, Deng Chao appeared, but really is attracted by this old drama bone.To tell you the truth, Deng Chao is really there from the high, the feeling is two different stage painting style.Li Yuchun yi Yangqian Xi is like a sedate school, Deng Chao is like excited wind, like the lucky audience selected to perform temporarily.Zhao Liying participated in the Spring Festival Gala for the first time.Beautiful sedate while, see have a little bit small nervous, although in acting respect is old play bone, but in spring evening Zhao Liying slightly show a little bit nervous.Maybe Zhao Liying was too nervous because she paid too much attention to the program, so after the tension, it was a happy ending.Zhao Liying is really good, singing with Wang Junkai, Zhu Yilong and others on the same stage.A lot of people in envy, Zhao Liying wear clothes are also quite festive, jelly love really full of love ah, the tiger zhao Liying really too can.Shen Teng appeared with a joke, Shen Teng this small fresh meat into a greasy uncle.He found in thousands of baidu, suddenly look back, Shen Teng laugh let everyone laugh heartily.However, Shen Teng also had a very happy Spring Festival, but the weight did not go down, but very festive.In contrast, next door jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei’s sketch is also quite good, but Jia Ling still did not lose weight!But fat people have fat blessings.But there are still mysteries of the Spring Festival, there are more to watch, Zhang Xiaofei’s clothes color in the end what is going on?Why are people’s opinions different?Will you have a different opinion?But Since Zhang Xiaofei had some fame, really more beautiful, really is red qi raise people.As for the news host, Marvansu, many people think his performance is very good this year, but also very beautiful.However, some people say that he still needs to work hard, after all, there are so many outstanding seniors in front of him.There is a little secret, I don’t know if you know, is yi Yangqianxi that song just finished the camera cut to the host there, but sitting in front is our little friend Wang Yuan oh, really handsome and very good at the same time.What do you think about that?As for the spring evening programs, which do you like better?Did Deng Chao get your punch line?