Two down and two tied, Chinese women’s soccer team turns over Japanese women’s soccer team, Asian champions, here we come

2022-05-02 0 By

In the Asian Women’s Football Cup, China fought hard and equalized at the start of the second half to send the match into extra time.In extra time, The Chinese women’s football team equalized the score again before the end of the game, and the two sides were tied 2-2.In a brutal penalty shootout, China beat its opponents 4-3 to enter the final.This match is an extremely difficult match for The Chinese team, the overall strength of the Japanese women’s football team is stronger than the Chinese women’s football team, in recent years, the two teams have played each other, The Japanese team has always been in the upper hand, the Japanese team is the last Asian Cup champion, all the way, very unmatched.What’s more, in such a crucial match, wang Shuang, the top star of Chinese women’s football team, still had a sprained foot, so the head coach didn’t dare to risk letting Wang Shuang start and put him on the bench. It can be said that the Situation was extremely bad for a Chinese team that had wang Fried when facing the aggressive Japanese team.Sure enough, at the beginning, the Japanese team took the initiative on the field, basically pressing the Chinese team in the fight, Coach Shuiqingxia gave the Order to the Chinese team, but also to firmly firm defense, resist the Japanese team’s strong offensive, the game will try to delay, seize the opportunity, hit the opponent’s counterattack.It is worth mentioning that although the Chinese team in a passive, but the basic defensive position or stand, also dare to top up, limit the opponent’s attack, and ShuiQingXia coach also offering a wonderful hand — let the secretary center vian play centre-back, limit the Japanese players edge in speed, moreover vian although height is not tall, heading ability is quite good.Chinese women’s football team’s very targeted tactical design, so that the Japanese team has the advantage of possession, but there is no efficiency, but the Japanese women’s football team is still The Japanese women’s football team, still make use of the Chinese women’s football players a careless, the first break through the Door of The Chinese team.How to do?Chinese women’s football in the key moment of the crisis, the opening in the second half, ShuiQingXia guide made a bold change, Richard c.haskelli and replaced Ma Junhe XiaoYuYi Zhang Linyan, the substitution to harvest a surprise effect, it is XiaoYuYi breakthrough cross on the left road, help Wu Chengshu clinging to score, the score come to 1 to 1, the Chinese team equalised tenacious.After that, both sides attacked and defended, but could not settle the battle in the 90 minutes, the game was sent to extra time.The extra time was a great test of will for the two sides who were exhausted and nearly overdrawn. The Japanese women’s football team still occupied the advantage on the court and took the lead again by taking advantage of a set-piece opportunity to reverse the score again.This time, Shui qingxia again played a big trick, wang Shanshan, who had been stuck in the centre-back position, was again pushed to the front line in a free kick, and magically helped China equalize again.The match finally came to a cruel penalty shootout, which was fair to every player who fought to the end. The relatively weak Chinese women’s football team showed the world what competitive sportsmanship is. Competitive sports is not about competing with cards, but who has more courage.In the penalty shootout, Chinese goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved two shots by Japan, and the Chinese women’s soccer team managed to score four goals, which was enough, in a miraculous comeback victory over Japan.Before the game, head coach Shui Qingxia once said: “we have to play their own style, the championship is not impossible!”Now it seems that The Chinese women’s football team has really put together a day!