Man jailed for stealing six times

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A man who had been sentenced to six times in prison in 13 years for multiple thefts was arrested by Dandong police in 2022 as he “returned to his old business”.On February 6, The Tangchi police station of the Zhenxing branch of Dandong Public Security Bureau received instructions from the city command center that people’s wallets were stolen.After the police learned about the case, the same morning around 8 o ‘clock, in the area of an enterprise to work Ms. Liu locked her purse in the office cabinet of the unit lounge.When she got off work in the evening, Ms. Liu found that the cupboard door had been pried open and her wallet had disappeared, losing more than 8,000 yuan in cash.Handling the case through the police to read the scene and surrounding monitoring, police found that around 13:00 that day, the mask of the man suspicious, see no one around, quietly slipped into Ms. Liu’s unit, after a period of time by taxi quickly left.After Liu and her colleagues identified him, they said they had never seen him before.The police preliminarily determined that the man was suspected of committing major crimes. After a continuous investigation, they found that the man took a taxi all the way to qianyang, and then stopped at a local gas station before leaving.”He said he had 5,000 yuan in cash in his pocket and asked us to change it into wechat change. He said it was urgent.”On the mobile phone of the gas station staff, the transfer records and corresponding account information are listed.After the breakthrough in the case, police quickly locked down the identity of the suspect, and the suspect ji was arrested on February 10.Ji mou confessed to stealing ms Liu’s property.When asked why he changed the stolen cash into wechat change, Ji said: “I thought it was convenient for me to reward the hostess.”It turned out that ji, 33, had been sentenced six times for theft since he was 19 years old.Later, he decided that stealing could be “unearned” and easier than working for money.More than ten years of time in the past, ji abandoned his life, no education, no skills.Now I feel that when I reach my age, I want to start a family, but I can’t get the attention of the opposite sex.Later, ji became fascinated when he found that girls would “name praise” and greet him if he called a reward host on the live streaming platform.In order to be able to “face” in the live broadcast room, and get the opportunity to interact with the anchor, Ji mou generous, but soon beyond their means.So, again “resume old business”, did not think of less than two days into the “bureau”.When the police asked ji stolen property whereabouts, ji told the police, the money has been changed into a virtual gift, to the anchor broadcast room.At present, the suspect ji mou has been detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law because of suspected theft.Source: Dandong Public Security Bureau Editor: Wang Dan Review: Hu Xiaoliang