The sand-swallowing monster invented in China, which swallows 40 mu of desert in a day, is favored by countries all over the world

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“China invents sand-swallowing giant beast, devouring 40 mu of desert in a day!”In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of extreme weather, more and more countries begin to pay attention to the natural environment.China has also invested a lot of money and material resources to improve the country’s ecological environment, including the treatment of deserts.Not long ago, China made another great achievement in controlling sand. It can swallow up 40 mu of desert in one day.China has one of the largest domestic deserts of any major economy in the world.According to relevant data, the area of desertification in China has reached 2.62 million square kilometers, accounting for 27 percent of the country’s total area, and the trend is increasing year by year.It is worth noting that Gansu province is one of the provinces with large desertification area, wide distribution and the most serious damage in China. According to incomplete statistics, the average annual economic loss caused by desertification and desertification can reach 510 million YUAN.Through the joint efforts of the people of the whole country, the area of desertification in Our country continues to decrease.With many efforts, Professor Liu Jinhao and his team from Beijing Forestry University have developed a “multi-functional three-dimensional sand fixation equipment”, which is mainly aimed at environmental control, wind prevention and sand fixation and vegetation restoration in desert, gobi and desertification areas.It is understood that the multi-functional sand fixing machine is a set of sand fixing, spraying, cutting, irrigation and other multi-functional self-contained equipment in one.China launched multi-functional three-dimensional sand-fixing vehicles, in fact, is the “grass grid technology” mechanized equipment.When it works, straw is automatically bundled into standard straw squares, which are then planted with special plows and conveyor belts directly up to 250mm above the desert surface, leaving the squares firmly in place.Relative to the manual strapping way, the multi-functional three-dimensional sand fixing machine work efficiency is 100 times higher, a day full work can deal with 40 acres of desert, such a level is far ahead in the world.In addition to installing grass grids, the three-dimensional sand-fixing truck can also spray sand-fixing agents onto the desert surface.Sand-fixing agent is a material specially developed by China for desert control. Through its strong ability of absorbing water and retaining water, it can “firmly lock water” in the desert after rain or artificial spraying water, slow down the evaporation of water material, so as to improve the water storage capacity of the desert surface.At present, Gansu region of China has put this multi-functional sand fixing machine into use, in the joint efforts of sand fixing machine and sand control personnel, China’s sand control task has also been greatly improved.