Who is the ark of the hot red summer together

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Xia Fangzhou, who plays Lin Jiangguo in the TV drama Red Time, eventually got together with Qin xiaodan.The TV series focuses on the determination and efforts of construction workers in third-tier construction positions, and also shows the love stories of people in that era to the audience.The story focuses on the little guy, that is, our hero Xia Zhou Zhou. With his own intelligence and continuous efforts, he has been promoted from an ordinary construction worker in the third-line construction post until he becomes the leader of the engineering team. With sincerity and diligence, he finally gains love and finally realizes the win-win situation of love and career.Qin Xiaodan and Summer Ark of this paragraph of affection, what begin to move first is Summer ark.Xia Ark fell in love with Qin Xiaodan at first sight, belong to be fall in love at first sight, Qin Xiaodan is in the process that gets along slowly with Xia Ark later, also produced feeling to Xia Ark.But at that time her bestie li Xinmei likes Xia Ark, so Qin Xiaodan temporarily put down his feelings to Xia Ark.Later bestie honey accident, Qin Xiaodan just pick up the feelings of summer Ark.But after this came ji Chenggang this figure, for The feelings between Qin Xiaodan and Xia Ark added a lot of obstacles and difficulties, but simply finally Qin Xiaodan recognized his heart, and the summer ark together.