Who is the strongest growth capacity of silicone enterprises?

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This paper is one of the enterprise value series, and a total of 10 silicone enterprises are selected as research samples.The growth ability evaluation indexes include compound growth of revenue, compound growth of net profit, compound growth of deductible net profit and compound growth of operating net cash flow, and the operating data in recent five years are taken as reference.Data are based on history and do not represent future trends;It is for static analysis only and does not constitute investment advice.In terms of the compound growth of revenue in the past five years, five enterprises, including Jiibao Technology, Huitian New Material, Xin ‘an Stock, Jiitai Stock and Runhe Material, have increased by more than 15%, among which The compound growth of Jiibao Technology has reached 23.65%.Silicone technology is mainly engaged in silicone sealant and other new materials research and development, production and sales, the industry for the silicone industry, the main products include silicone sealant, silane coupling agent.In terms of revenue composition, construction rubber income accounted for 71.29%, gross margin 31.79%;Industrial rubber income accounted for 19.79%, gross margin 35.59%.In terms of the compound growth of net profits in the past five years, four enterprises, including Xin ‘an, Jitai, Huitian And Jibao Technology, increased by more than 20%, among which the compound growth of Xin ‘an reached 65.49%.Xinan is the largest herbicide glyphosate production enterprise in China, and the company also produces silicone monomer silicone series products, is one of the two leading enterprises of silicone products in China.The main products are herbicide glyphosate based pesticide ingredients and preparations, phosphorus chemical products based on high-quality phosphoric acid, and silicone products based on organic silicon monomer.In terms of revenue composition, agricultural and chemical products accounted for 48.26%, and gross margin was 14.51%;Silicone products accounted for 43.76% of revenue, gross margin 26.40%.From the point of view of compound growth of non-net profit in the past five years, jitai Shares, Huitian New Material, Jibao Technology, Chenguang New material and other four enterprises have increased by more than double digits, among which the compound growth of Jitai shares reached 38.53%.Jitai co., Ltd. is a national torch plan key high-tech enterprise whose main business is research and development, production, sales and service of sealants and coatings. The main products include silicone sealants, water-based coatings, other sealants, water-based sealants, asphalt paint, electronic glue.Revenue composition, silicone sealant revenue accounted for 68.12%, gross margin 34.16%;Waterborne coating revenue accounted for 16.65%, gross margin 22.24%.In terms of the compound growth of net operating cash flow in the past five years, m&G New Material, Jiitai, Jiibao Technology and Xin ‘an Increased by more than 15%, among which Beiyuan Group achieved 38.30% compound growth of net operating cash flow in the past five years.The main business of CHENguang New Material is the research and development, production and sales of functional silane base materials, intermediates and finished products.Main products are gamma ammonia propyl triethoxy silane, gamma – propyl chloride triethoxy silane, gamma – (2, 3 – epoxypropyl oxygen) propyl silane three oxygen radicals, double – [gamma (triethoxy silicon) propyl] – four sulphide, gamma – (methyl) acryloyl oxygen propyl silane three oxygen radicals, vinyl silane three oxygen radicals, four ethoxy silane of high-intensity, vinyl silane.In terms of revenue composition, KH-550(γ -aminopropyl triethoxysilane) revenue accounted for 16.72%, gross margin 33.53%;Kh-560 (γ-(23-epoxypropoxypropyl trimethoxysilane) revenue accounted for 15.18%, gross margin 26.78%.Organic silicon enterprise growth ability?Note: In the growth ability list, the scores of all indicators are converted according to the ratio of 10/10, and the comprehensive score is the average of all indicators.If an indicator has a value but no score (i.e. the table is blank), the weight of the indicator will decrease.