Huang Lei carries little daughter refueling for Gu Ailing, much younger sister wen wan but person, fashionable feeling is very

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There are only two days left for the Winter Olympics, but the athletes in the competition did not lose their enthusiasm. Today, there was good news again, that is little sister Gu Ailing, she won her second gold medal of the Olympic Games, and China’s eighth gold medal of the Olympic Games.Probably this is in order to engage, many artists within the entertainment circle for athletes cheer, rooting, including Dillon hot bar, it has been artists, then as a positive energy within the entertainment circle Huang Lei, Sun Li couple also cannot absent, naturally Huang Lei recently with a second daughter out of mirror, let everybody feel admiration.During that comes at a time when the annual Lantern Festival, is also a best time for the family, a net friend before drying out Huang Lei with two kids out of the picture, is snowy, we found that the younger son and sister together make a snowman with dad, snowball fights, and play, it’s my happiness.So this time, we found that Huang Lei with his daughter, beautiful out of mirror, father and daughter are all wearing the Bai Sewei clothes, appear clean, spotless, it is a hooded fleece, appear the flavor of the fashionistas, especially the u.k white skin of girl, but also a first choice, in addition the ornament of splicing and text color of lovely that element,It also adds to the girlhood feel.In addition to such white clothes, much younger sister sometimes also with the kind of white feather skirt out of the mirror, such a collocation modelling is unique, and rich modelling aesthetic feeling, to avoid drab color, also let everyone feel much younger sister beauty.As a little sister more sister has been close to the age of girls, in the appearance level is also particularly eye-catching.Sometimes more sister with his father out of the mirror, sometimes also with his sister duo duo go out to play, we found that duo duo, more sister in the appearance level is also different, one like father, one like mother, but are the authentic beauty embryo, the kind of girl who can bear to see.Father and daughter seem to have been doing handwork, while the Olympic champion Gu Ailing did good wishes, Gu Ailing sister cheer, we feel that more is an excellent child, cooking, handwork, dance, art, drama performance is particularly excellent, affected by the sister, I believe that more sister will continue to progress, growth.Has long been Huang Lei and Sun Li couple was highly education way, grazing cultivation ways of two children, children are so good, really make everyone feel envy, do you think there are two such excellent daughter is especially happy things, and this has a younger brother, believe that the three children will have a better future, what do you think?