“Spring To the Grassroots” : 200000 virgin fruit seedlings moved to new homes in Mount Pair Village

2022-05-04 0 By

Spring comes early and the Spring Festival has just passed. The cherry cherry plant base in Longchang Town of Zhenfeng County is busy. The base organizes workers to transplant seedlings during the season to move new homes for cherry cherry seedlings.Cherry tomatoes have several major benefits, it is different from tomatoes, its trace elements are more comprehensive, especially cherry tomatoes contain lycopene, can achieve the effect of beauty.Into the village, rows of greenhouses orderly planning, strewn at random, technical personnel are for the masses of workers to explain the efficacy of cherry tomatoes and planting essentials.At present, it is the key season for transplanting cherry tomatoes seedlings, and the base grabs the opportunity to organize workers to transplant cherry tomatoes seedlings, so as to lay a good foundation for increasing industrial efficiency and increasing farmers’ income.”We came to mount Duimen to plant cherry tomatoes. First, the climate is better. The temperature in Mount Duimen in Qianxinan Prefecture is two degrees higher than other places.Secondly, the water sources are better, they are natural water sources;Third, the traffic is convenient;Fourth, the cadres of menshan village group, including the masses of Menshan Village, have full confidence in this project. We have orders and do not worry about sales.”Guizhou Jihong Agricultural Service Development Co., LTD. Technical director Wu Genkuan said.It is reported that the village began to cultivate 200,000 high-quality cherry tomatoes seedlings in early December 2021, and has completed 102 greenhouse planting, each greenhouse can plant 2,500 cherry tomatoes, the output of about 10,000 jin, is expected to be harvested in April this year.From seedling raising, transplanting to picking, every stage and link of cherry cherry planting requires a large number of labor, which provides nearby employment opportunities for people in The Village and surrounding areas.”The industry in the village is developing. We have jobs in front of our house and can transport our grandchildren to school. Every day, 80 to 90 people from the village come here to work and they earn 100 yuan a day.”Longchang town on the door of the village villagers Li Wenfen said.In the next step, The village will focus on industrial revitalization and develop “one village with one characteristic”. By vigorously promoting large-scale, standardized, branded and market-oriented construction, the village will create characteristic and efficient agricultural products with great market potential, obvious regional characteristics and high added value, so as to increase the income of the people and boost the overall revitalization of the countryside.”In the process of promoting the demonstration site of rural revitalization of Mengshan Village, Longchang Town pays close attention to industrial revitalization. Relying on the resource endowment of Mengshan, longchang Town vigorously develops the tea industry and vegetable industry, realizes the combination of long and short industries, and lays a solid foundation for rural beauty and people’s wealth.”Longchang town people’s Congress chairman Li Xing said.(Wang Guibao Ou Liang)