A boy in Jiangsu province overslept on the first day of his new semester and was deliberately ignored by his mother.The reaction lights up when I wake up

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Guide language: the boy sleeps overslept on the first day of new semester, the parent is a leisurely however, how is this one and the same?Let’s take a look.Recently, in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, a child oversleeped on the first day of the new semester. When he woke up, he realized that he would be late for school, but he had to go. So he cried while dressing in bed, while the boy’s mother leisurely recorded a video.His mother looked on and asked him why he was crying. The boy replied, “Today is the first day of school. If I’m late, I’ll be punished.Here the boy is even more sad, but the boy’s mother could not help laughing out loud, the original teacher notice today will not start school, the holiday extension.Net friend message to her comments, see the appearance of the little boy cry because it is almost late, everyone is in distress situation, some netizens are very sympathetic to the little boy, started to get up early already very painful, is now faced with the risk of be scold, even more importantly school turned out to be false, extended holiday, suddenly don’t know, the boy should be happy or sad.See here small make up the thought of a word, if the children not to play, that would be no fun, the mother really is very naughty, see children sad appearance, even just watching, but the kid although late, but still have a lot of time consciousness, know the first day of school can’t be late, will be criticized by the teacher for being late.Conclusion: the boy thought he was late for school and cried sadly.