Chinese medicine aid Cambodia medical group held online knowledge lectures and offline free diagnosis activities

2022-05-05 0 By

On January 30th, the online TCM knowledge lecture and offline free clinic activity of the Chinese Medical aid group in Cambodia were held at the Cambodia office of China Road and Bridge in Phnom Penh.Five experts from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine taught TCM knowledge and its clinical application through online videos. More than 100 people from China and Cambodia participated in online learning and offline consultation.Online knowledge lecture, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Xiyuan Hospital president, Deputy secretary of the Party Committee Liu Zhen from the development of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, life health view, health care view, health prevention practice four aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and wisdom health.Song Ping, director of the International Cooperation Department and chief dermatologist at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, prescribes Traditional Chinese medicine online based on Cambodia’s local climate and a variety of common skin diseases.It is reported that the Chinese MEDICAL team of TCM aid to Cambodia will cooperate with the Kosmar China-Cambodia Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh to open a TCM clinic in the hospital to serve the Chinese and Cambodian people in the long term.(Source: People’s Daily Online)