Dinglan has a “old cow” a lot of residents praise him!

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“Retirement in 4 years and 2 months!”Lao Wang told reporters.Old Wang full name Wang Haihong, Hangzhou shangcheng branch of public security Dinglan police station a grassroots police.Until December 2006, 40-year-old Wang Haihong was an aircraft “military doctor”.In the two days with Lao Wang, I felt him like a dashing, energetic young man.”Passion Pemby is like a fire. You can feel his heat from afar.”Yu Ning said.Lao Wang is responsible for the community, the police force is small, the scope is large, the matter is many.Lao Wang felt that when the community police and aircraft repair to ensure safety and precision, to maintain the safety of the judicial environment.”I will consider the things that others do not think of, and do my own work one by one.”Lao Wang does not like to sit in an office, like a front-line running.”I’m quick-tempered and efficient, and I get upset when I procrastinate.””Usually have no opportunity to wear, leave a memory, old see!”Police festival new hair police dress, old Wang did not try on let his wife “put on the shelf.Under the strong suggestion of the leadership, it was taken out for reporters to take photos./> Since 2006, Lao Wang has been working as a community police officer for 16 years. He is now in charge of two communities and five communities.No matter community dweller or community cadre, property staff mention old Wang, can give a thumbs-up.Part of Lao Wang’s work log since his police career.All the time, Wang Haihong has always been “the masses, no trivial matters” as a working principle requires himself, his sincere efforts have also been responded by the residents, conflicts and disputes when Lao Wang speaks, everyone will listen, think That Lao Wang is fair and reasonable./> There was a noise dispute about a barking dog, and the neighbors were on good terms.A dog barks when no one is in the house.One day, the hostess of one of them was sick and rested at home. She was disturbed by the barking of the dog. The conflict between the two families gradually deepened and finally affected the neighbors.At the beginning, both sides did not cooperate. Lao Wang was not discouraged. He went to the two houses to work at night and persuaded them from the perspective of love, reason and law.Lao Wang />Lao Wang is a warm-hearted person, and whenever residents ask for help, he will help solve their problems wholeheartedly.Not long ago, Lao Wang received the district of a father for help, son suffering from mental illness, has been reluctant to go to the hospital, I hope Lao Wang can help his son to send to the hospital.Lao Wang gave up his rest and rushed to help the father take the child to the hospital without saying a word.”You touch my head. I never let anyone move it. You can do that.”The old man grabbed Lao Wang’s hand and touched the marks left by his operation./> This is the second time with Lao Wang police first police situation.Area an old acquaintance and the police, Lao Wang and colleagues rushed to the police residence.The caller was an 80-year-old woman who lived alone and had called the police several times.”Her two sons are not with her, and she does not care about her. She rents a house in our district and often says she has lost something. Today she has lost two kilograms of rice, tomorrow she has lost half a barrel of oil…I checked it out, and there were no locks picked, no other clues stolen.What the old man says is worthless…”Lao Wang said, “When you’re alone and lonely, you just need someone to talk to.”The old man’s room is full of belongings, size and size of the package wall, there are three sorted duffel bags by the door, Lao Wang and colleagues to help the old man.See old wang came, the old man a burst of nagging, turned out the small bag in the room, trembling wei took out all kinds of “baby”.Lao Wang listened carefully and patiently persuaded him, “I will help you put away your things. Don’t worry, no one will steal your things.”Old wang part listen to part advise, hand also not idle, in the old man’s calendar to write down his telephone and police station telephone, “the previous several times write not big enough, this time I write a little bigger, occupy something, you direct telephone me.”Lao Wang’s throat rang loudly. A neighbor passed by the door and put his head in, “Lao Wang is here again…”Lao Wang and the leadership contact the old man’s second son.The second son had not communicated with the old man for many years and did not even know that the old man lived alone here. He said that he was away from home and did not want to take the old man with him.Lao Wang said that he would continue to work and make sure the elderly have more security in their old age.At noon on September 2, 2021, Dinglan police station received an early warning instruction, Ms. Liu under the jurisdiction suspected of receiving fraud posing as public security law.Lao Wang put down the rice bowl, immediately to Ms. Liu home drive, Ms. Liu phone has been on the phone, home only daughter in, can not contact Ms. Liu, Lao Wang this anxious ah, miss a second more than a minute be cheated danger.With experience, Old Wang decisively took Ms. Liu daughter to her often deal with the business of a few banks looking for someone, failed.Good news came from the company, Ms. Liu is likely to drive out, under the support of the business department, Lao Wang drove around to find.Everything paid off, and finally found Ms. Liu on a remote roadside.Ms. Liu has been instructed by the cheater to tell each other the bank card number and password.Lao Wang decisively took it to the bank to stop losses, to ensure that the card was not 100 thousand yuan was transferred away.Another warning that startled reporters.The caller had silver hair, a limp voice and bloody scratches all over his face.”I was abused by my wife and now I can’t even get through the door…”The old man was in his seventies, but he was cleanly dressed.”This time, I ask you to summon her. She has abused my family more than once…”The old man complained to Lao Wang beside the police car.After strenuous efforts, she opened the door.The woman was twenty years younger than the silver-haired man and was strong.It’s just the tears on his face and the creepy four bloody scratches on his lip and the mess all over the house suggest it’s more like a couple fighting.”Lao Wang ah, too bully, 1 million ah!In two or three years you’ll be gone…”The hostess pointed to her husband, the flash flood outbreak of uncontrollable tearing heart crack lung.”We are not in a hurry, you slowly tell me clearly, I give you the decision.”Lao Wang went into the kitchen and poured the hostess a cup of boiling water.The matter is simple, but the master emotional, while talking and crying, half an hour later, to explain the reason of the matter.The goodwife will be in the home 1 million savings hand in husband tube, the husband likes to go chess card room, card friend call him “big boss”.Almost half of 1 million, so gone, the other balance, the husband account for financial losses.The wife here waits for money New Year’s day, the husband still goes out early everyday return late outfit “big boss”.The cold war escalated into a catfight.”Man, pillar!Wife so trust you, you play mahjong can play a strong country, can play a happy family?…Lao Wang’s words stand high, fall point accurate, the auxiliary police on the side of minzlips whisper to reporters: “Lao Wang fierce!Suit!””Is what my wife says true?”‘Yes!Husband embarrassed bow.”Do you still want to live with your wife?””Think!”Keep your head down.”Man, I make a suggestion, in the future, you do not manage money, pension to the wife tube, this half a year, you report with the wife three times every day…”Lao Wang stared loudly. “Can you do it?”Her husband nodded.The hostess went on wailing.”Sister-in-law, you!Two days, the reporter observed that Lao Wang is good at giving a thumbs-up to the parties, this move is very magic, sometimes more than a thousand words.”Sister-in-law, later occupy, za do not start, in case angry, call me, I give you master, you must be close to good……”After an hour and a half of adjustment, to the door of the old Wang did not forget to turn back to entrust a few words.In the face of difficulties and hardships in work, Lao Wang never says “no”. He has always been quietly dedicated, interpreting his responsibilities and responsibilities with his own practical actions.Police officers up and down the stairs, the foot of the wind, the boys of the second police sometimes lag behind./> On the afternoon of December 31, 2021, Dinglan police station received an order from 110 that a community under its jurisdiction was on fire, and Lao Wang rushed to the scene immediately. Upon arriving at the community, he found that the building had been cut off. The 55-year-old Lao Wang and the auxiliary police climbed up to the 11th floor to put out the fire.The door lock is too firm, warm-hearted neighbors have been unable to open the door, there have been many broken door rescue experience of Lao Wang took the tool three or two opened the door, smoke blowing in the face, red flames in the room with black smoke.As Mr. Wang evacuated people, he rushed fire hydrants into the house, forcing people to breathe and open their eyes as smoke billowed.Lao Wang did not retreat, under the cover of the water gun to check whether there is anyone in the room, in the joint efforts of the fire department and everyone, successfully put out the fire, to protect the safety of residents’ lives and property.In the morning, the second alarm, someone called the police, upstairs residents threw pet poop high.Hearing that it was pet poop, everyone was reluctant to get close to it. Lao Wang picked it up and found it was a bag of pickled cabbage that stinked./> “Little things!Someone muttered.”Little things?High-altitude throwing illegal, hit people how to do?”Lao Wang said while taking photos to obtain evidence.’Let’s go upstairs and see!”All of them?The property manager had a strange look on his face.”All of them!Lao Wang was adamant.In this way, Lao Wang and the property manager from the 15th floor all the way to the fourth floor.”There is no evidence, the people also do not admit, I do so, is to let the property manager attention, let the garbage also know, this matter can not do again!”Old wang said.”I wanted to be a cook in the cooking squad when I joined the army, but after we finished the basic company examination, they said I was more suitable for a technical soldier.””Conditions were not as good as now,” Mr. Wang said. “There were no noise-canceling headphones and other protective measures.”It has become a habit for Wang to work on the back of a plane for years with the roar of its engines.As many as a dozen aircraft were tested a day, he covered his ears with his hands, but most of the time he was too busy adjusting equipment to take care of anything else, which laid the potential for future hearing problems.Lao Wang is not lost, he feels as a soldier, duty and mission, inevitable.”Lao Wang often puts his hands behind his ears and listens to people’s speech.Old dog in the eyes of colleagues.”Lao Wang is very patient. If there is any problem, he will always help us to solve it. He is warm-hearted.””There are better men on the force than me.”Heard someone kua conscientious and responsible, Lao Wang replied.