In Huggies Primary School, 5 doctors from 3 departments were disturbed by blood collection needle in gas tube

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On the morning of February 19, Xiaojun (pseudonym) was transferred to an ordinary ward after a successful operation.Three days ago, the baby sucked a disposable blood needle used by his grandmother into his trachea.Xiao Jun lives in Zhenping County, Nanyang. He had to take a nucleic acid test before the new semester began. On the morning of February 17, his father took him to the test site designated by the school.In the completion of the detection to leave, small army pointed to the chest suddenly say a word, almost let his father fainted: “Dad, I ate something inside!”The father was dubious and hurriedly took his son to a nearby hospital for examination.Chest X-ray shows, small army really did not lie, in his trachea unexpectedly hidden a one-time blood collection needle!Originally, small army suffers from diabetes, usually after taking a drug at home to take a one-time blood needle detecting blood sugar, dreamed of the plastic guy to play a small army to curiosity, 3 days ago while no one in the home take out a, on the mouth before play together, result unexpectedly ShenShiGuiCha general, blood collection needle sucked into the trachea.Xiao Jun was naturally afraid and did not dare to mention it to anyone until the “white coat” finished the nucleic acid test at that moment.The local hospital could not be removed, February 18 morning, xiaojun was sent to the first affiliated hospital of Nanyang Medical College son three departments, the child was in addition to some irritant cough, and no other symptoms.”Three doctors in our department took turns and worked for more than an hour without removing the foreign body.”Children three branch doctor Wu Yun introduced, although they used children fiberoptic bronchoscope and foreign body forceps have successfully taken out the broad beans, peanuts and other foreign bodies, but the blood collection needle in the trachea of small army was sent sorrow: blood collection needle texture is hard, and part of the tip is exposed, if forced to pull, easy to cause bleeding, pneumothorax.Soon, five doctors from the three departments of pediatrics, anesthesiology, and otolaryngology sat down. Considering xiaojun’s trachea mucosa was hyperemia and edema, and white thin secretions had been attached, they decided to undergo general anesthesia and use bronchoscopy for surgery.Compared with soft bronchoscopy, hard endoscopic surgery is generally used for the removal of foreign bodies in deeper areas such as the stomach and lung.In order to minimize the damage caused by the needle tip to Xiao Jun’s trachea, from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM, 5 doctors from 3 departments cooperated with each other, repeatedly tried and carefully operated, and finally gently pulled a blue blood needle out of Xiao Jun’s trachea.Except for minor bleeding, xiao Jun was basically unharmed by the operation.When see that went to the lid, stick blood needle, waiting in the small army family outside the operation, finally put down the heart hanging.