In zhang Sanfeng’s eyes, the brotherly Wudang Seven also have to be divided into three, six and nine

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Song Yuanqiao and others thought: “Master really love my fifth brother, love me, love my dog.Even his father-in-law, such a monster, is willing to hand over.”More than Song Yuan bridge such as per capita thought, estimate when Zhang Cuishan just heard is a face of meng force, the original what you have to worry about ten years in the master is not there, oneself originally in master heart are really important, and sure enough he is master of wudang seven chivalrous brothers “son”, but in the eyes of zhang sanfeng also points the 369 book has received seven disciples, said zhang sanfeng lifeBut Yin Liting and Mo Shenggu two little disciples are song Yuanqiao and Yu Lianzhou teacher, so say five Zhang Cuishan strength just count Zhang Sanfeng closed disciple, plus Zhang Cuishan himself talented, so more loved by Zhang Sanfeng.As Yu Lianzhou said, Zhang Sanfeng in ninety-five years old birthday party, think of his missing five years, sighed that if Zhang Cuishan in the words let him inherit his mantle, regardless of the present boss Song Yuanqiao mood, but also fortunately Zhang Cuishan was missing life or death do not know,Otherwise the two brothers lane is bad to as “the legend of the condor heroes” genghis khan asked jochi and cahetai two person who suits to do heir, although the mouth can’t say what, such as home one tied several ten thousand ers will be taken, if not the guo jing is present, Mongol armies have not own much loss for thorns submodule.So when Zhang Sanfeng say this is also beating song Yuanqiao, to good performance, or the position of the head of wudang is not necessarily who.Later in Zhao Min siege wudang Mountain, he was fake Shaolin monk empty phase of the king Kong gate master just phase injury, and three yu Daiyan will remind of their own young death of the old five, sad.Love me, love my dog, not only like Zhang Cuishan more love zhang mowgli to treat yourself this small disciple’s disciple, zhang sanfeng is doing your best, not only their internal force to help him dispel cold poison, but also personally with zhang mowgli to shaolin temple to the sun true through “, almost frighten shaolin abbot empty smell zhang sanfeng one-on-one hit shaolin temple, all the monks can pull it out.Want to know as the school with the same name as Shaolin, their own boss condescend to go up shaolin for help, this face can be said to never lift the head to come, otherwise in Shaolin to gather six schools siege bright top of the siege, and Ming Religion without deep hatred of wudang also actively participate in, just in order to re-prove their own wulin status.Later, like his father, Zhang Wuji and with the same in the eyes of the people of the right “demon” Zhao Min to see Zhang Sanfeng, the results of the people do not talk about their own zhao Min sent people hit seriously, just said that three people hurt Yu Daiyan is not born when she, do not blame him.Ignoring song Qingshu, who had just been killed by himself because of the killing of his uncle, zhao Min’s behavior at that time was no worse than Song Qingshu, let alone breaking the limbs of old Six Yin Liting, just because he loved his beloved grandson, just as he had done to his old five:As long as my wife is a good person, that’s all. She is not a good person. Can’t she influence her personality when she gets to our mountain?So in the eyes of Zhang Sanfeng, his favorite five Zhang Cuishan is his heart baby, if not dead Wudang’s head is his, this is why song Yuanqiao with all the power of wudang expedition light top, just to prove that he is not worse than the master zhang Cuishan.