Nanchang University is not considered by many as the best university in Jiangxi province.But is it?Your approval?

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In jiangxi province is located in the middle of our country, the geographical position is superior, but the jiangxi’s reputation has been is not high, this may be related to the local economy development, after all, the provincial capital of nanchang GDP ranking for the national capital is relatively backward, not only such, higher education in jiangxi province in the national quality is not high, only 211 universities in the province of nanchang university,There is also a certain gap compared with neighboring central provinces such as Hubei and Hunan.So which is the best high schools in jiangxi, a lot of people might say it’s the nanchang university, but as the only 211 university in jiangxi province, all kinds of resources of the tilt is inevitable, affirmation is not open nanchang university, but also some people think that nanchang university discipline scale win, as a result, although incorporates several universities, but belong to such a large and not delicate university,Other universities in the province have really high subject precision, but they are not in 211.I believe a lot of people admitted to the university, it is true that this university is a famous jiangxi university of finance and economics, hereinafter referred to as “Jiang Cai”, Jiang Cai is the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, jiangxi province people’s government of the construction of the university, so many people’s attention, jiangxi university of finance and economics, now still is given priority to with economic class professional, has developed into a science, industry, agriculture, education and other multi-disciplinary comprehensive university,In Jiangxi region as a whole enjoy no less than nanchang University reputation.The school has a long history, which can be traced back to the founding of Jiangxi Provincial Commercial School in the autumn of 1923. After several changes, it was renamed Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in 1996. In 2000, it was managed by the Ministry of Finance of Jiangxi Province.In terms of subject construction, Jiang Cai with application of the theory of economics, economics, management science and engineering, business administration, statistics a total of 5 post-doctoral mobile stations, with application of the theory of economics, economics, management science and engineering, business management and statistics of five level 1 doctorate given point from these data, no matter how to development,Business is still Jiang Cai backbone disciplines, I am Jiang Cai advantages, in the fourth round of discipline evaluation, Jiang Cai applied economics and statistics for A – good grades, the double rank on the university, the results A lot of double the university doesn’t even have A grade A discipline, because the result of more than 211 college of nanchang university,There are some reasons why many people think jiangcai is better than Nanchang University.School has a regulation and competition research center, accounting development research center, research center of financial development and risk prevention, industrial group and enterprise development research center and so on seven key research base of humanities and social division, jiangxi province, Jiang Cai invested substantial resources in humanities and social aspects, the school of humanities so strong economies disciplines is also taken for granted, in addition,The university has key laboratory of Data and Knowledge Engineering, key Laboratory of Electric Energy Memory and Conversion, key laboratory of Digital Media of Jiangxi Province and many other laboratories combined with engineering. Jiang CAI has also increased the allocation of science and technology.Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics’ entrance examination score is no less than that of Nanchang University. Taking Hubei Province as an example, jiangxi University of Finance and Economics’ entrance examination score basically reaches the level of 211 universities in the middle and lower reaches, which is very valuable for non-universities.From nanchang University hubei province’s university entrance examination qualified line, jiang CAI and Nanchang University in Hubei province’s university entrance examination qualified line basically difference is not big, these two years, Nanchang University may take an examination of a good part, the result, have 211 this title, can attract a lot of excellent candidates to take an exam.The above is the personal analysis of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. In terms of discipline evaluation, Although Jiangcai is better than Nanchang University, the two schools are basically equal in terms of the qualification points of the college entrance examination. Therefore, many people think that Jiangcai is better than Nanchang University.