The Drug control Office of Jishishan County conducted training on drug control knowledge for migrant workers

2022-05-05 0 By

In order to do a solid job in drug prevention education for migrant workers, improve their awareness of anti-drug knowledge and anti-drug Regulations of Gansu Province, enhance their anti-drug awareness and anti-drug ability, and effectively curb the occurrence of drug abuse and drug trafficking outside the country.Recently, the Jishishan County Narcotics Control Office conducted anti-drug training for more than 150 migrant workers and their families at the Village committee of Xu Hu’s hometown.Training meeting, anti-drug police to migrant workers in detail the regulations on the prohibition in gansu province and the type of drugs, harm, prevention, carefully analyse the causes of the migrant workers drugs and drug abuse prevention, through one by one by drug abuse lead to their families, family breakdown, suffered a real case of sickness or even lost their lives,This paper expounds the great harm caused by drugs to individuals, families and society, and warns everyone not to be infected with drugs when they go out for work in a civilized way. They should always keep a clear mind and build a solid line of thought against drugs.Through the training, the majority of migrant workers have improved their ability to recognize drugs, protect against drugs and resist drugs, and the idea of “stay away from drugs and live a healthy life” has been firmly established, creating a strong publicity atmosphere and setting off a new climax of anti-drug publicity for migrant workers in the county.Photo and text source: Linxia Prohibition