Today, these enterprises and projects of agriculture, rural areas and farmers are commended by the whole city

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On the afternoon of February 8, the 2022 “Strengthening the city by industry and Revitalizing the city by industry” recognition conference was held in quzhou Workers’ Cultural Palace with the theme of “Together towards the future”. There were 2 projects in the field of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and 10 enterprises were commended.In addition, Yu Jian, a staff member of the business environment class assigned by the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, won the award of “Enterprise service model”.Warm congratulations!Quzhou 2022 “SAN nong” continuous power ~ graphics editing | Zhu Zhiyue | mo small rong of trial Issued by the second instance | Lu Xiaoli SanShen | xu | xiang-rong xu statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: