Come to this square, home “one-stop” experience of the Winter Olympics

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“We all need love. Put your hands together…”The Beijing Winter Olympic Games have begun, and the long-awaited ice and snow event has arrived as scheduled.In Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center, the Cultural Square of Changping District for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics is also bustling, and the moving melody of “Together for the Future” rings out again and again.Citizens can not only watch the Winter Olympic-themed art performance, but also experience ice sports such as curling.As an important part of the city’s cultural activities during the Games, the Cultural square of the Winter Olympics has a distinctive feature of the Winter Olympics with the main colors of blue and Snow White.The square has been decorated with winter Olympic elements, from flags, fences and billboards.On the high definition screen, the latest event information is scrolled.The large three-dimensional mascots, Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong, are popular choices for taking photos.At 1 p.m., lively music from the east side of the square from the stage, more and more citizens to hear the sound arrived.From songs, crosstalk, opera and dance, performers from professional literary and art troupes put on one wonderful performance after another around the theme of the Winter Olympics.Four-year-old Ran ran was the youngest in the audience.Despite the cold weather, the little girl watched with interest.”We live nearby, a few days ago in the public number here to see the activity, specially to bring children.”Shen wrapped her daughter up, considering the low temperature outside. “The performance was good,” she said. “It was good to let her children feel the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics at home.”Photography enthusiast Zheng Wenling also came prepared.She held up the camera in her hand and recorded the happy moment in front of her with the lens, keeping precious memories of the Winter Olympics.”During the Winter Olympics, the activities here are very rich, and I feel very excited at the scene!”After the show, Orange, 4, and Guoguo, 5, had more time for a game of table curling on the west side of the square.Two little “players” stand at a long table on simulated ice, trying to push the tiny curling ball out of the way.”I didn’t know much about curling in the past, but I saw curling on TV these days, and I found it very interesting. There happened to be a similar experience program here, so children can participate in it.”Mama Orange was watching and cheering.In contrast, dry curling, not far away, is closer to professional curling on the head.”I’ve never played it before. It’s less brushed than professional curling, but it’s still fun to throw.”Mr. Li and Ms. Zhang are having fun, curling alternately into the ring.”During the Spring Festival, the Winter Olympics Cultural Square will continue to offer a variety of activities to create a ‘New Year’ atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.”From February 4 to March 13, there will be two Winter Olympics-themed performances at the Cultural Square every afternoon, according to Sheng Yingxing, operation director of Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center.In addition, Beijing 2022 official licensed retail stores will be set up in the square to facilitate the general public to buy winter Olympics souvenirs.Source: Beijing Daily