What are the application materials for comprehensive evaluation?These need to be prepared in advance

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The enrollment of 2021 comprehensive evaluation of some colleges and universities is in progress, and the launch of the strong foundation plan and comprehensive evaluation is getting closer and closer.In a short period of time to prepare not only materials but also college positioning, it is very necessary for parents to prepare in advance.Strong base plan, comprehensive evaluation registration, winter vacation can start to prepare what materials?It’s time to learn!What materials are needed for a strong base program?The application materials required for the strong Foundation Program are application form, award certificate, high school academic course score, special materials, mock test score, self-recommendation letter, recommendation letter, high school academic performance test score and other supporting materials.Compared with the comprehensive evaluation, the strong foundation program is easier to sign up for.After the announcement of college strong base plan enrollment guidelines, examinees can register online through the sunshine college entrance examination platform, as long as you choose a good school and major, fill in step by step according to the system requirements.And most of the school process is basically the same.There are some special requirements in the registration process of the pilot schools of the strong Foundation Program. For example, north Qingqing not only needs to fill in the registration system of the strong Foundation program, but also needs to register and upload materials on the official website of the school;Tongji University also needs to submit the confirmation form of sports test items;Ocean University of China, Chongqing University and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China are required to submit personal statements;The national University of Defense Technology needs to mail the application form.The specific details are subject to the enrollment guidelines issued by colleges and universities.Here to remind candidates, strong base registration needs to choose schools, online registration, confirmation and other processes, the last week of April may have a large number of candidates into the website for registration, may lead to system breakdown, candidates to complete registration in accordance with the requirements of the registration system within the specified time, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.What materials do I need to prepare for the comprehensive evaluation?The comprehensive evaluation application materials generally include the following items :(1) application form (automatically generated by the application system);(2) Self-recommendation letter/personal statement;(3) Scores of cultural courses in senior high school;(4) High school achievement Test scores;(5) Senior Three simulation test scores;(6) Recommendation letter;(7) Senior high School award certificate and certification materials;(8) Other demonstrable materials;(9) Materials required by colleges and universities.There is no limit on the number of colleges and universities to register, and it takes time to choose colleges and universities. According to the registration situation in previous years, the registration time for comprehensive evaluation is only about 10 days, so we suggest you prepare as soon as possible.Students who plan to register for the exam should prepare the materials in advance and register in time after preparing the materials, so as to avoid late deadline changes or forgetting to register.Welcome to forward to the need of the people around us to work together ~ don’t forget to point a “like” or “look at” bar!