CCB Dongguan financial guardian harbour for escorts to offer blessings

2022-05-07 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, as the first laborers harbor established in the Treasury in the province, CCB Dongguan Financial Guardian Harbor offers exclusive New Year wishes to the “loveliest” financial guardian!Channels and operations management department Treasury centre in financial guardian harbor to escort personnel distributing is a blessing bags, Spring Festival couplets on the New Year’s greetings and best wishes, thanks to escort personnel in cash “Spring Festival” big put in the hard work, it is their high risk operation, with life support the new security into the network on time, let the people in the New Year to use notes are smoothly.The escort said happily: “Thanks for the New Year’s blessing of the financial guardian bay, all the escorts will devote themselves to the escort work with more enthusiasm, and serve the grass-roots outlets well due diligence!”