District Wetland Bureau thematic conveying the spirit of the study area inspection work document

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On February 14, ganzhou district, heihe river wetland national nature reserve administration organization all cadres and workers, earnestly study and implement the patrol inspector to work in consultation with the communication mechanism (trial) “to have a tour of the working mechanism of education and training (try out)”, “to have a cooperate to do a good job and have a tour of the rectification examination system (try out)” spirit,The meeting arranged the study and implementation of the “three mechanisms” and put forward specific requirements.First, from the strategic height of comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline, we must have a deep understanding of the significance of the Three Mechanisms, give top priority to political construction, strengthen the political functions of party members’ groups and the construction of party branch positions, always adhere to the principle of “strict discipline”, and effectively enhance the initiative and consciousness of their implementation.Second, we need to have a deep understanding and accurate grasp of the spirit of the Three Mechanisms, strictly implement all objectives and tasks, take initiatives, step up responsibility, and earnestly implement all provisions and requirements.Third, we need to keep a clear head, stay true to our original mission, strengthen our ideals and convictions, strengthen political discipline and rules, and exercise strict self-discipline in our work and life.Fourth, we should carry forward the great spirit of party building and the fine style of hard work, focus on wetland ecological protection, rainbow city construction and scenic spot upgrading, constantly emancipate the mind, be realistic and pragmatic, do solid work, and strive for first-class performance in their own posts.Fifth, we must resolutely implement the CPC Central Committee’s eight-point decision and detailed rules for its implementation, constantly improve party conduct and discipline, strengthen education on party integrity, constantly sound the alarm, firmly guard the bottom line, do not cross the red line, and conscientiously implement all tasks for improving Party conduct and integrity.