Henan Xinxiang: the story behind the three banners!

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In the word “love” on the heart in the word “real” hard xinxiang High-tech public security heart with love with practical action to protect the area of the people’s life and property safety gold cup silver cup, not as good as the word of mouth of the people all aspects of the banner praise is the masses of the people’s police the biggest praise!At about 12 o ‘clock on January 8, Mr. Bai, a resident of Xinxiang High-tech Zone, went to a vegetable wholesale market to buy vegetables, but left his mobile phone near the vegetable stall because of carelessness.Mr. White just died because of the sudden disease of its relatives, is dealing with relevant procedures, mobile phone memory has a large number of procedures, Mr. White and his wife to the vegetable market for many times failed, extremely anxious.The same afternoon at 19 xu, Mr. White to high-tech branch criminal investigation brigade for help, on duty police generation habine to understand the situation, quickly launched an investigation.On multiple checks, a man in plaid pajamas was found. Seeing no one around, he put the phone in his pocket and took it away.In order to help Mr. Bai get the phone as soon as possible, early in the morning of January 9, generation haibin went to the street to visit, door to door inquiry, finally at 11 am, found the man picking up the phone.After work, the man agreed to return the phone to its owner.The white gentleman took the mobile phone that lost and found, excitedly hold the hand of police generation seaside to say: “police comrade, true thank you, good person has good reward!”On the morning of January 19, Mr. Bai sent a banner to the High-tech branch and said excitedly, “I never expected to find the lost mobile phone. It is a small thing for you, but a big thing for me. Thank you!Good police of the people!”Thank you a heart, a flag a feeling.There is no trivial matter for the interests of the masses. All the auxiliary police of Gaoxin Branch treat every police situation seriously and ask for help, and faithfully practice the “Fengqiao Experience of the new era”.Bright red banner, simple praise, high-tech public security used for the people’s initial heart in exchange for the police people deep feelings.”Really did not expect that the police so busy to take care of my loss of more than 300 yuan, and in the same day to the money back, really moved!”On New Year’s Day, Mr. Zhang held the hands of the police of zhenzhong Street police station of High-tech branch to express his gratitude, and sent a banner printed with the words “enthusiastic service lian Ming and efficient”.At 22:00 on December 31, 2021, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, asked for help, saying that he found a takeout order he had not ordered using meituan APP mobile phone client. After carefully checking the order record, he found that there were 16 extra abnormal orders. From September to December, without his knowledge,The credit card bound to Meituan APP has been deducted more than 360 yuan, thought that Mr. Zhang encountered fraud immediately came to the Zhenzhong Street police station to the police for help.After the police seriously understand the ins and outs of things, the first time to let Mr. Zhang will be the credit card password and the United States group login password to modify, and the United States group free secret payment function closed.After a series of operations, Mr. Zhang felt a little relaxed.Subsequently, the police repeatedly dial the order reserved telephone, but always through the analysis of the study, the police found the order lv.Originally, Lu’s mother bought Mr. Zhang’s mobile phone in the second-hand market, because Mr. Zhang sold the phone forgot to tie its Account number, and its Account number opened automatic login and free secret payment.Lu had been using the phone as her mother’s phone, thinking that the meituan login was her mother’s account, resulting in the order of Lu was “paid” by Zhang.The truth of the matter came to light, misunderstanding was finally solved, Lv mou’s mother apologized to Mr. Zhang, and made up for Mr. Zhang’s loss.All along, gaoxin Sub-bureau has maintained a vigorous offensive against all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, resolutely safeguarding the safety of people’s lives and property, and ensuring the social harmony and stability of the jurisdiction.On November 24, 2021, a number of theft incidents occurred in the area of Gaoxin Sub-bureau.High-tech branch zhenzhong Street police station received the alarm, immediately launched an investigation.After analysis, the police quickly locked the suspect.In order to solve the case as soon as possible, save the loss of the masses, Zhenzhong Street police station Xu Shaodong, Zhao Shuwei, Zhu Xujia three people gave up the rest, rushed to Anyang, Linzhou and other places to arrest.Within three days, three suspects were arrested.Before the New Year’s day, the victim Mr. Zhang sent to the Zhenzhong Road police station the “fast people’s defender” banner, this banner is the police received the best New Year’s gift, but also the high-tech branch of the public security work of the incentive and spur.Source: Gaoxin Police editor: Bao Ke Review: Zhang Zhen