Manchurian showdown!Ren Ziwei: are you friends with Shaolin Shaoang

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“It is too late to be happy now, there are still 1500 and so on for 3 games, and the field is very tight, if I have a holiday tomorrow, it can be happy, but now happy over, it is necessary to adjust the mentality, prepare for the next game.”Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong competed against Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang in the men’s 1,000m final at the Beijing Olympic Games on February 7.After an intense skate, Ren ziwei won the title, while China’s li Wenlong took the silver and Liu Shaoang, a Hungarian of Chinese descent, took the bronze.In the mixed press area after the race, Ren Ziwei could not hide his excitement, this is his second gold medal in the Winter Olympics after the mixed relay.In the previous World Cup, Ren ziwei has been in very good form, and the 1000m is his best chance in the main event.Liu Shaolin of Hungary was the first to cross the finish line in the final, but the judges agreed that he had committed two fouls and was disqualified.Ren ziwei’s silver medal became gold.That’s the difference between gold and silver. You have to wait for the result. You just hope it’s gold.”From the start of the quarter-final, the competition was intense, with players falling and being sent off.”It was true,” Ren said. “Liu and I both fought, all the way to the finish line.”In the final, there were three Chinese players against Hungarian liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang, so people joked that the final was a match between northeast Chinese players.Ren ziwei said with a smile: “Although we are opponents on the court, we are friends with Shaolin and Shao Ang off the court.After the match, Shao Ang congratulated me and I congratulated him.”Ren ziwei was considered the most likely candidate for the men’s 1,000m, and he did not disappoint.Ren ziwei felt a little embarrassed and said, “No one talks about this. I am quite relaxed and I don’t watch the news. What I want to do is to adjust my mind.Today, too, there are three more (races) to come, and I think I will try my best in every event, so I can’t say 100 percent, I will try my best in every event.””In the end, there were three Chinese players on the court. In fact, it was not necessarily me who stood up. I thought that one of us would take down the final champion, and in the end, we really carried it down.Maybe without Jing elder brother, without Wen long, we couldn’t get it down, so the final result is the best proof for our team.”Deep impression on the game…”Nothing impressed me the most,” said Ren. “The game is so varied.””That was in January,” Ren said with a smile. “It’s so early. I don’t even check wechat now.””I want you to know that China’s Short Track will never let you down, and Ren Ziwei will never let you down,” the double gold medalist said before ending the interview.