“Six prevention to promote” | “Ann further defuse family conflicts Help build the family “bridge”

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Disputes “six prevention to promote a” special operation carried out since the city’s public security organs always adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, “SanLing” create peace, for traction, with “one village one (1) a warning for” mechanism as the carrier, to build a harmonious and stable social environment as the goal, give full play to the people’s mediation in disputes diverse prevention a fundamental role in resolving,Under the unified leadership of the local party committee and government, the whole police mobilization, all-out, tightly around the “six prevention and six promotion” that is, to prevent emotional disputes, promote interpersonal harmony;Prevent family disputes and promote family harmony;Prevent neighborhood disputes and promote social harmony;Prevent debt disputes and promote smooth operation;Prevent property disputes and promote community harmony;Wade epidemic prevention related disputes, to promote the safety and health, and actively promote the implementation of the big screen big mediation to resolve measures contradiction dispute, maximum limit will resolve unstable factors in the grass-roots, eliminate internally, solve in the bud, take concrete actions to ensure the city’s social stability, increasing people’s feeling, happiness, a sense of security.On the evening of February 6, baji police station of Dancheng County Public Security Bureau received a report that three brothers of a family under their jurisdiction got into a fight over the care of their mother.After receiving the alarm, the police immediately out of the police station.After the scene of the three brothers for the first mediation failed, the police informed the three brothers to the police station at noon the next day to negotiate mediation.At noon on February 7, the three brothers came to the police station, the police for a specific understanding of the matter will let the brothers explain the situation one by one, in order to find out the root of the conflict.Three brothers at first bitter rivals, clashing frequently blame each other for fault, patiently for three police put facts and reason things out, three brothers finally realized his mistake, and under the witness of police negotiate an agreement to provide for the mother’s issue, at the same time guarantee the good family education in later life, do a good job in unity, no longer produces family conflicts.On February 8, Tang Jihua, a police officer in Huayao City police station of Sichuan Hui District Public Security Bureau, visited the area to carry out the “six prevention and six promotion” work, and learned that the area residents kang and his father due to years of conflict, do not fulfill the obligation to support.After understanding, Kang’s father Kang xx is nearly 80 years old, after the death of his wife and Kang mou live together, during the habit of living problems often stumble, together with the old several daughters for supporting the problem and Kang mou husband and wife quarrel, resentment is quite deep, become the village of contradictions and disputes “old difficulties”.After a quarrel six months ago, kang’s daughter picked him up, saying, “I will never let him go home again.”After an in-depth understanding of the situation, the police took the initiative to lead the staff of the village committee, the judicial office and the comprehensive control Office to contact both parties to mediate and resolve conflicts and disputes.After the police notice both sides to the scene, to The kang xiaomou with emotion to reason, from the law and morality and other aspects for its facts to reason.At the same time, several daughters of the old man were also criticized and educated, and pointed out their mistakes in dealing with family conflicts.Finally, under the efforts of the police station, judicial office, village committee and other departments, the family finally put down the bad feelings in the heart to shake hands and make peace, and the contradiction and dispute that troubled the family for a long time was finally successfully resolved.