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Manchester city boss Pep Guardiola has played down his side’s chances of winning the title early, 12 points ahead of Liverpool with two games in hand, but admits his side have done well to score 60 points after 24 games.Defending champions Manchester City won their seventh straight home league game with a 2-0 win at Brentford in round 24.Manchester city are 12 points ahead of second-placed Liverpool and Guardiola said: “Liverpool have two games in hand and we will see how big the gap is when we have the same number of games.””We still have 14 rounds to go to get more points and have tough matches like today.To get 60 points at this stage proves we have done well so far.”Manchester city scored in each half, with Mahrez scoring from the penalty spot in the 40th minute and De Braunet sealing the win in the 69th minute.De Braunay has scored seven goals in 18 appearances in the Premier League this season, surpassing the six he scored last season.Guardiola was delighted with his players’ performance, saying: “We only allowed one shot on target and few corners.They all went back and made it very difficult for us.They were very difficult to break but we were aggressive, patient, didn’t make mistakes and got the result we wanted.Tottenham Hotspur also lost 3-2 to holy Warriors Southampton after South Korean star Son Heung-min scored in the second half.The players, he said dejectedly after the game, are responsible.Southampton equalised twice before coming back in the 82nd minute to knock spurs out of contention for four, seven points adrift of west Ham in fourth place with two games in hand.”I was really disappointed, especially after taking the lead at home,” son said.We played better but conceded the same two goals in the last minute.”Conte has injected energy and spirit into the team. We are satisfied. If we lose, the players should take the responsibility.We have to get back to winning and where we belong.”The Gerrard effect wearing off?Aston Villa went 3-1 up and were held to a 3-3 draw by Leeds. The effect seems to have faded. Gerrard took over in November last year and won four of his first six games, but has finished 11th in his last five Premier League games with only one win, two defeats and a recent fa Cup defeat at Manchester United.One consolation was villa midfielder Philippe Coutinho, who had two goals and two assists in three Premier League games, with one goal and two assists.