Who is the worst Chinese football team?Not Wu Lei, not Stanley Wang, but he started every game

2022-05-07 0 By

On February 1, 2022, The National football Team lost to Vietnam 3-1 away.The defeat sent China out of the 2022 World Cup, ended its 62-year winning streak against Vietnam and handed Vietnam three points in the New Year.Objectively speaking, the performance of all the national football team how a lousy, especially Wu Lei, Wang Shenchao, Xu Xin and other big men.But the biggest drag in the whole game is not them, but he started every game.Editor Wu Lei kicked really unsatisfactory.Leizi had been a top scorer for The Chinese national team, even leading the league with four goals in the round of 12, but failed to score in the match against Vietnam.In fact, Wu Lei had a chance to counter, but he was not good at getting the ball on his back and driving it back.In this way, the national foot was not much counterattack opportunity on the end of wu Lei hands.Thus missing the opportunity to score goals to boost morale.In addition, Lei zi half – time performance is really no bright spot, world – class running position, no single knife opportunity.Editor Stanley Wang is like a sleepwalker.The last game, Li Xiaopeng put Wang in the back position, the result of the side guard wang Shanchao kick can not find the north.In this game, Wang returned to his familiar side, but wang, who should have played well, failed again. The boss made many mistakes, stopped the ball directly from 8 meters, and often made mistakes in passing.These are not to add, 1 meter 80 boss Wang also watched 1 meter 79 hu Jincai headed a goal, and then stood waiting for the other side to hit the empty goal.As a matter of fact, a little concentration by Wang would not have allowed Vietnam to play so smoothly.Editor Xu Xin’s performance pulled down.In the previous games against Oman and Australia, Xu played under Li Tie, stopping threats on many occasions and forming defensive barriers with Wu Xi.But when Li Xiaopeng’s boss taught, Xu Xin failed to continue his miraculous performance. On the contrary, he was at a loss for many times and failed to protect the back court, which also gave the other side a chance to break the net.Although Xu scored a face-saving goal, his overall performance was too poor, not as good as before.Editor Wu Xi sorry captain armband.Wu Xi was not a competent captain in the last two games.He was supposed to be a playmaker and a defensive outfield player, but that wasn’t the case: disorganized and disorganized, he spent most of his time in the open, which meant that strikers like Wu Lei didn’t have many chances to score.In addition, the national team trailed by two goals and Wu Xi did not inspire the team and could only slow down at the back of the court, which was disappointing.Editor Yan Junling loses the ball every time he starts.After eight games in the round of 12, The National team has conceded 16 goals in total, while Yan Junling has conceded 2 goals in every game starting.The most oppressive is, against Saudi Arabia, the opponent only 3 feet hit, and Yan Junling boss will let the other side break the goal;In the China-Vietnam war, Yan junling again played the role of “shooting on target” thoroughly, Vietnam only had six shots on goal, four of which were on target, but he missed three goals.Especially every time he lost the ball seems to be slow, Vietnam team in more than 30 meters long shot, he clearly had enough time to save, and his position is very good, but yan boss partial did not save.After the game, he also had a 5.9 rating, the lowest of the game.Although the national football team all compare to pull down, but Yan Junling can say the worst, than Wu Lei, Xu Xin, Wu Lei also rotten.