After the exam, Tian Ji heaved a sigh, Gao Qian was elated, vigorous beans shine on stage

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Star comics and dragon cartoon is the peak work in the winter and LAN LAN, awake in the anime bean classmates all sorts of magic operation emerge in endlessly, happy at the same time, also let us increase the knowledge, after examination, Tian Ji sigh, Gao Qian gloat, courageously bean, let us together into the comic books, learn more wonderful content.The end of the final exam, the students got the transcript after the expression is very different, although Tian Ji took the test of 97 points, but she was sighing, because careless wrong a question, this point is wrong, finally in the comfort of a star to stabilize.Gao Qian was as elated as ever, because she got another 100 marks, which was really a piece of cake for her excellent student.Everyone awake bean knew that he was zero, prince, this time is no exception, but his performance is very abnormal, ever got zero pull a long face all thinking about how to escape from the old daddy’s lesson, this time is particularly active, even praise, making its debut after know you just know, turned out to be awake dad on a business trip, he can avoid a skin, it is no wonder that would be so presumptuous.The author believes that the test results are a way to test our learning, good test to make persistent efforts, not good test should sum up the problem, be determined.If you also like # Startaqi comics, then long click “like” and follow me quickly.