Daughter-in-law angry dozen father-in-law, parents-in-law and son all say dozen good, this exactly what is going on

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As the saying goes, every family has a difficult to read, for the wang Dacheng family in the village, although there are only four people in a family, but it is often contradictory, recently, daughter-in-law On the angry father-in-law Wang Haisheng played a meal, in-laws and son Wang Dacheng not only do not accuse the month, but also said that the month played well!Wang Haisheng and his wife only wang Dacheng an only son, as a farmer Wang Haisheng, should keep his place in the field, the family life is good, but he likes to play the field, if his wife is opposed, he will anger his wife, but also said to people, his wife is not virtuous.When his son Wang Dacheng was in his teens, one day, Wang Haisheng brought back a woman to eat and live at home. His wife and Wang Haisheng fought loudly. Wang Haisheng beat up his wife and asked her to cook food for wang and the woman.His wife was trying to win or lose with Wang Haisheng, and then divorce, and worried about the healthy growth of his son Wang Dacheng adverse, had to endure humiliation, according to the requirements of Wang Haisheng to do.Usually, Wang Haisheng often out hu mix, do not do farm work, a home on the support of his wife.His wife worked hard in the house and in the fields every day. After earning money, she hid it everywhere for her son Wang Dacheng to study and marry a wife in the future. She was afraid that Wang Haisheng would go out and spend it in a disorderly way.In this way, with his wife’s hard work, the home is free from strong maintenance.As his son Wang Dacheng grew up gradually, Wang Haisheng grew old and no longer went out to mix with others. He began to take heart. With the help of his wife, his son Wang Dacheng got married and the family of four lived a happy life.One day, Wang haisheng asked his wife for money to go out on the street.Cannot change nature of wang hai born to abuse his wife and daughter-in-law of month the British think hisen wang too outrageous, advised hisen wang not beaten in-laws, angry of hisen wang push hard on the English, the English down to the ground and the month anger the British get up in the beating of hisen wang, the young after all month, hisen wang old, in the few wang hai born down,At this moment, wang Dacheng went home. Seeing this scene, he hurriedly pulled apart Wang Haisheng and Yue Ying. After learning the reason of the fight, Wang Dacheng said Wang Haisheng: You are really old and not respect, you should fight!When Wang Haisheng saw his wife, son and daughter-in-law all standing on the same side, he lay down on the ground and howled angrily.