Exposure | warning list of drunk driving in January

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In order to further do a good job in accident prevention, the Public security traffic management department of Ordos took multiple measures, paid close attention to implementation, continued to carry out special action to crack down on serious traffic violations caused by drunk driving, and promptly removed a number of potential safety hazards caused by serious traffic violations.Xiaobian now integrates typical cases of drunk driving in January across the city to make and issue the “drunk driving warning list”.Hope the majority of drivers can take this as a warning, resist drunk driving, safe travel.The top drink-driver on the January drink-driving alert list had a blood alcohol level of 304.3mg/100ml, more than three times the standard of 80mg/100ml.Up to now, the above-mentioned illegal behaviors of drunk driving have been punished by the public security organs according to law, and the drunk driving drivers will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Drunk driving is a serious traffic violation, with great harm and easy to cause traffic accidents.The majority of motor vehicle drivers should improve the traffic law and safety awareness, avoid all kinds of fluke psychology.Ordos public Security traffic management department has always maintained a high pressure and strict control situation on illegal drunk driving behaviors, insisting on “every day, every night and every time”, strictly investigating all kinds of serious traffic violations such as drunk driving, and comprehensively building a solid defense line of road traffic safety.Cost list of drunk driving ↓ (source: Ordos Traffic police)