“Hunan exercise ground buried body case” will be filmed!Bai Jingting, Li Yifeng partner, who dare to watch?

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Those who often follow the news have heard of “hunan playground burial case”, right?The case finally came to an end on January 20, 2020, when 24 people involved in the case were sentenced to death, including du Shaoping and Luo Guangzhong, the main culprits, and Huang Bingsong and Yang Jun, who were involved in the burial and bribery, were sentenced to 15 years in prison.This case is involved in a wide range, from the school, state cadres, the business community are involved, the victim Deng Shiping upright, resolutely refused to colluding with the dark forces, was finally killed jointly, and buried in the school playground for 16 years, to now finally can close his eyes.On January 8 this year, Deng Shiping’s daughter said again: “I have been unable to find my father for so many years, and I have encountered various difficulties. At the most difficult time, I shut myself in the office and knelt before the window to cry.This time, this issue has once again drawn people’s attention. The arrest of the bad guys is not the compensation for the victims. This issue should not end here, and all sectors of society should think more about this issue.Film and television industry not only bears the responsibility of entertaining the public, but also has the responsibility of exporting positive ideas to the public through film and television works.Director nian should also feel that this “Hunan playground buried body case” can not end like this.Therefore, a film based on this incident is about to be made recently. It may be able to increase the influence of this incident in the whole society by reproducing the tragedy through the film.The movie is the Playground, which is currently set to star Li Yifeng and Bai Jingting.Director Nian’s representative films include Sensitive Time, Call Me, Winter Love, Traffic Jam, etc., most of which reflect social reality, but also contain a lot of criminal elements.So I believe that this year will be able to “Hunan playground buried body case” very good reduction, and Li Yifeng, Bai Jingting two men is also a good partner.Although li’s recent performance in THE TV series “The Mirror” has been mediocre, his previous films such as “Animal World” and “Psychological Crimes” have won critical acclaim. With his own social rascals, Li is very good at playing the role of a social underdog.Bai jingting has recently received great acclaim for his role in The Beginning. Although he has few films on the big screen, he thinks his acting is not bad. If the excellent director Nian can teach him, I believe he can play the role well.As a matter of fact, there are many examples of real events being filmed in China, such as Blind Well, Operation Mekong and Blind Mountain, which all caused huge social repercussions after their release, indirectly contributing to people’s thinking on social dark events.I only hope that the “Playground” can also restore the “Hunan playground burial case”, so that more people with power to think, alert.Currently the film is tentatively scheduled to start shooting on January 8, the real events may be a little dark and bloody, we are willing to pay attention to this “Playground”?Welcome to leave a message to discuss, this article is only the author’s personal views, rational discussion, do not like spray.