The 2022 Shandong Spring Festival Gala starts tonight

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Qilu network – flash news on January 30, 2022, shandong province, Spring Festival gala is to 7:30 p.m. today in shandong TV and video broadcast platform, the party in tiger leaping qilu vientiane “new” as the theme, not only has the famous actors such as feng gong, Yu Qian, toysun brings joy, and Liu Yuxin, memory, tan weiwei, Wang Su Long singers such as strength, at the same time,Academician doctor chorus, “cloth shoes president” Li Zhenhua teacher, Olympic champion Sun Wan, ten role models of The Times will also share touching stories on stage.On the occasion of ringing out the old year and ringing in the New Year, together lively New Year!Shandong Spring Festival Gala old acquaintance Feng Gong again on stage, and Yan Xuejing brought the new “Our Family New Year’s Eve Dinner”, the program burden is constantly, interesting, in laughter to show shandong people’s kind and honest, helpful character, triggered emotional resonance of the audience.Sun Tao, another old friend of the Spring Festival Gala in Shandong province, focuses on the group of parents who accompany parents in the exam with his vivid performance to convey jokes and understand all the homonym of parents who accompany parents in the exam.Wang Xiaoli “There are words in the painting” reproduce “can Uncle” cheat story, show the scene “made by hand in Shandong”.Lu Xin, Yu Hao brought the crosstalk work “Have you heard”, with fancy rap+ singing way fancy fun to get red envelope routine.Guo Yang, Guo Liang “happy door god” popular science god tea yu base door god cold knowledge, welcome the year of the tiger.Let’s wait and see what kind of humor there will be on the stage of this year’s Spring Festival Gala.Evergreen tree plus the new generation, to create a feast of audiovisual new generation all-round singer and songwriter Liu Yuxin moved on the Spring Festival Gala, a family of three onstage singing “two TA”, the warmth of life, staged a family.In another rendition of Baby I Know, The stage is even more youthful.Xue Zhiqian’s “Serious Snow” classic reappearance, very story-driven voice to bring an immersive music world.Wang Sulong sang the classic love song “A Smile”, presenting a charming stage.Tan Weiwei’s penetrating voice sang the Singer and the Three-Body Problem at the Shandong Spring Festival Gala.And show business evergreen people also not to be outdone, bring forth the new, let a person shine at the moment.Wu Tong and his team brought the instrumental music show “Na” Some Days “to inspire the hearts of traditional folk music. The nostalgic index of songs of Hero” And Good Spring Scenery “hit the charts, evoking the memories of a generation.Gong Linna and Good Morning collaborated to sing the year of the Tiger feature “Tiger Tiger Live Power”, the strength of the collision amazed the audience.As the classic standard of Shandong Spring Festival Gala, “A Happy Family” delivers joy and happiness every year. With CAI Guoqing’s beautiful voice, it sings a thick atmosphere of Spring Festival.Look at the spirit of The Times, salute ordinary heroes This year shandong Spring Festival Gala program group is invited to young scientists, role models of The Times, Olympic champions and so on together.The special “combination” of the Academician doctor chorus from Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology brought us the chorus program “To the Sea to the Future”, and showed us the important instruments of a big country and the strength of China.Sun Wan, the 2020 Olympic gold medallist, took the stage at the Spring Festival Gala in Shandong province to share his favorite shandong flower bobo.Teacher Li Zhenhua, the “cloth shoes principal” who is rooted in shandong Yiyuan volunteer teaching, and his students gathered on the stage and shared the heart-moving scenes.At the gala, there are many examples worth knowing. Ten examples of The Times joined the Shandong Spring Festival Gala to share with us the story of protecting the motherland and protecting the people, which is moving.The dance “River Spirit” deduces the beautiful story by the Yellow River, tells the 15-year agreement between the guardian of bird International Airport and the swan daughter.Tiger Jump Qilu Vientiane new, fu brand Ejiao origin true.This year’s Shandong Spring Festival Gala, as always, is committed to moving the audience with genuine feelings, not only with laughter and tears, but also with intangible cultural heritage elements to bring fresh experience, dig people’s stories and convey the spirit of The Times.Today 19:30, Shandong Spring Festival Gala to accompany you, Tihu shengwei to welcome the New Year!Qilu net, lightning news synchronous live, please pay attention to!Source: Flash News