To get punched in the face?Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to regain confidence from Atletico Madrid as Diego simeone ignores slumping Manchester United

2022-05-08 0 By

The King’s Cup was eliminated early, the league title is basically hopeless, simeone can only put the hope of the season in the Champions League, if Atletico can create a miracle, then Simeone is still successful.Simeone must have been in a bad mood at the time when he was drawn against Manchester United in the quarter-final, as atletico had been miserable most of the time when they had played against Ronaldo.It is no exaggeration to say that without Ronaldo’s repeated obstruction, Simeone might have led Atletico to win the coveted Champions League, so in a sense, Ronaldo is Simeone’s Nemesis, is the biggest obstacle in atletico’s pursuit of the Champions League.However, as the season progressed, Simeone was surprised to find that the previously omnipotent Ronaldo seemed to fall into a slump, a marked decline in all aspects of his ability.The numbers don’t lie, ronaldo has now gone six games without a goal, an extremely rare situation for the Portuguese superstar in his career, and the only explanation is that ronaldo is getting old and, at 37, he seems to be starting to run out of his game.Cristiano ronaldo’s woes have undermined United’s strikers, who have averaged just one goal in their last four games.Cristiano Ronaldo’s and United’s woes will no doubt be a source of excitement for Simeone, who believes atletico have a good chance of keeping a clean sheet against a side that have fallen short of the standard they used to defend this season.Atletico, meanwhile, have had top scorers in Luis Suarez, Antoine Griezmann and Felix Felix this season and united’s error-prone defence will be hard to stop.Simone ideas under normal circumstances is reasonable, has a great probability theory to horse race really can eliminate Manchester united into the champions league last eight, but I’m afraid simone is a bit of an overconfident, numerous examples prove that cristiano ronaldo does best is to make the face, especially after six games without scoring, the Portuguese superstar heart very depressed,There is an urgent need for a catharsis, and Atletico would be the perfect target.Never underestimate the heart of the Portuguese superstar. Although he is 37 years old, especially Ronaldo’s body is still very good, and 40-year-old Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still not old enough, the Portuguese superstar has no reason to give up early.It remains to be seen if the Portuguese superstar has a good chance of reclaiming his confidence from atletico Madrid, one of ronaldo’s favourite rivals during his career, under Diego Simeone.