“Video” Guangfu Custom | New Year’s Eve, Reunion dinner, flower street

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Throughout the year, the “top priority” of Chinese people is to have a sumptuous Reunion dinner with their families.Group year: namely New Year’s Eve the whole family sit at the table to eat “reunion dinner” activities, take the meaning of reunion.The group year is usually held on New Year’s Eve, which is called “Nian Sanyan” or “Nian Wan” by guangfu people.People who go on a long journey often come back home before the New Year’s Eve to have a Reunion dinner, which means reunion and happiness in the New Year!After dinner, we go to the flower street, go to the flower street on New Year’s Eve, and go to the flower market on New Year’s Eve. It is the most characteristic custom in Guangzhou.After the family reunion dinner, guangzhou local families, young and old, or friends and relatives go to the flower street, flower market.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Chen Qian