Facing the bell of 2022, let the adventure continue!

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In this season of ice and snow, how can you not take a trip that’s different?”2021 Adventurers’ Wild Luxury GLAMPING Tour” — to “Ulan Butong”, together with the sixth generation of Ford explorers, to open an “ice and snow festival”!Scan the QR code below to join the “2021 Adventurers GLAMPING Wild Luxury Tour” and enjoy the ice and snow feast with adventurers!As the founder of SUV for 80 years and the world’s leading SUV master for 30 years, the sixth generation of Ford Explorers are endowed with unshakable confidence.Even if there are more obstacles ahead, the sixth generation Ford Explorer can take you through!This time, let us gallop boldly in the snow field, let 2022 pass under our feet!The front of the sixth generation Ford Explorer is huge, wide and strong, just like the core strength is very important for every flying athlete. The hexagonal shield-shaped net of the Explorer is the source of the core strength of the vehicle appearance.With a body size exceeding 5m long, this is a car made for men.The vertical big shield head is full of overbearing feeling, the distance between the front wheel and the front bar will not be very long and very tardy, the clean and neat head is like the roaring tiger’s head, roaring toward the front, deducing the powerful aura of the mighty and vigorous land luxury yacht!”Double Top ten” power – EcoBoostⓇ2.3T engine with 10AT gearbox, 100km 7.6s, huge body under the explosive core.The sixth-generation Ford Explorer can be an elite suit shuttling through the city or an unknown explorer on the snowy plains.Write an adventure story, the pen must be in your hand!The vertical rear drive based on CD6 platform makes the control more convenient, with 50:50 balance weight between front and rear axles and a minimum turning radius of 5.9m. What is the concept of driving control of an SUV comparable to that of advanced coupes?This is the sixth generation Of Ford Explorer to bring the luxury of surging driving experience.The car is equipped with a 1.1-square-meter sunroom-level sky curtain and panoramic sunroof. B&Q Danish high-end audio makes the driving experience to a higher level and starts a wonderful journey with sound quality.The new Ford Explorer SYNC®+ Chi Heng infotainment system, with AI intelligent recognition of more than 70 fuzzy semantics, realizes 8 functions such as service and entertainment with voice control, and is not only easy to control, but also everything you want.Not only that, the changan Ford OTA remote upgrade, more owners bring a full range of entertainment interactive experience!SNYCⓇ+ system loading Ford’s world’s first visual virtual AI assistant — VPA Zhixing Partner (nickname:Ford blue friends), the first in the new ford EVOS carrying “small cute”, finally also access the sixth generation ford explorer, blue energy derived from ford logo classic oval ring image, extremely rich move feeling and sense of science and technology, not only can accompany you to chat, with different driving scenarios in different personification expression, also can keep learning your preferences,Through your micro expression can know your thoughts, help you control navigation, phone, entertainment and other functions, is a qualified “co-pilot”!The AAR intelligent Xinfeng system is also synchronized with the upgrade. After the upgrade, the system can reset the pop-up reminder of filter element directly on the interface of the car and the car. With the PM2.5 air purification system in the car, the air quality index in the car can be monitored in real time, and the real-time intelligent switch can restore the “forest oxygen bar”, making the air in the car fresher.Especially for the car air quality requirements of the driver and passenger, this is a great Gospel!The sixth generation Of Ford Explorer is equipped with L2 Co-Pilot 360TM intelligent driver assistance system, which integrates multiple intelligent driver assistance configurations. With 20 radars and cameras all over the body, the vehicle can stay centered and cruise at full speed from 0 to 180km/h, and keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, allowing you to move smoothly.The unique “six mode wisdom four” terrain management system at the same level allows you to easily control any complex road conditions!Standard, economic, sports, anti-skid, snow sand, rough road six driving modes can automatically switch according to real-time road conditions and the intention of the owner, based on the rear drive platform intelligent four-wheel drive, through 0% : 100 torque distribution to 50% : 50% torque distribution, for control and stability to further enhance, take you willful smooth!The sand dam head, as if a solitary hermit.When we climb to the top of Ulan Butong and overlook the vast snow on Camel Mountain, we will be haunted by the indescribable sense of achievement. As we climb one peak after another, we will blossom different colors when facing life.The rush of blood and roaring engine wake up this long silence, bringing the long-lost noise of the world.This time, with the sixth generation of Ford explorers, overcome all difficulties, set foot in a new life!Life story, waiting for an explorer to show up!Now order the sixth generation of Ford Explorer, “Changfu Year-end Bonus” to help you gain “high value”, C-NCAP (China new Car evaluation procedures) “five-star” standard and IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) “Safe choice” standard authority certification good car!1, the highest enjoy 25,000 yuan to add a new gift package ①2, any brand model replacement explorers enjoy lifelong free maintenance ②* Activity time: January 1, 2022 – January 31, first buy, first serve.The rights and interests of this event are not shared with other Ford Mall events.(1) Such as tiger add gold replacement subsidies and financial discount.Replacement subsidy: for limited license cities (including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hainan), the maximum can enjoy the replacement subsidy of 12,000 yuan, different cities corresponding replacement subsidy is different;Financial discount: Up to $13,000 financial discount for the 36-term zero-interest financial plan.② Jihu Escort is any brand model replacement Changan Ford Explorer enjoy lifelong free maintenance, the first personal owner of the new car, limited to 1 basic maintenance every year, basic maintenance is to replace the oil machine filter.If the vehicle is transferred, the lifelong free maintenance automatically expires.If the owner/car meets other conditions of free maintenance activities, the free maintenance policy will not be added to enjoy.Replacement enjoy lifelong maintenance personal replacement purchase car, and meet the relevant requirements of second-hand car replacement policy.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)