Green waist, dangerous beauty

2022-05-09 0 By

After the year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala “Only This Green” became popular, people affectionately called this kind of excessive backstretch of lumbar vertebrae “green waist”.So began in a certain sound, a large number of people began to imitate the hand: which is a lot of successful people, but also got a lot of large flow, but here must remind you: lumbar spine bad people must avoid to do this action.If we look at the green waist movement, the lumbar spine is in a state of extreme extension, and to achieve this state, it requires very strong core muscle strength.When the lumbar spine is gradually extended, the front muscles and the back lumbar muscles need to work together, because this action is very slow, so in the process of doing the muscles need to maintain a long time in a tense state, and the control should be very strong.If for muscle strength and neural control strong people, may be able to do it, but if you usually lack of exercise, suddenly to imitate the action, then the entire upper body gravity will effect on lumbar intervertebral disc and entirely, it is easy to cause lumbar vertebra small joint injury, and even the intervertebral disc damage.So the lumbar vertebrae is not good must not easily imitate “green waist”, this is a dangerous beauty.