Moling City Management of Nanjing: take multiple measures to carry out the special rectification action of fireworks

2022-05-09 0 By

Yangzi evening news net news (reporter Lin-na wang reporter PeiRui) in the Spring Festival approaching, for further carrying out the nanjing municipal regulations forbid fireworks, fireworks banned during the 2022 Spring Festival, radar ling jiangning area, nanjing street comprehensive administrative inspection law enforcement measures simultaneously, organize personnel into the town road streets,Actively carry out fireworks publicity and rectification action.”Hello, this is a letter about the city’s ban on fireworks, please read and abide by it carefully!”By visiting shops along the street and issuing a letter, the urban management team propagandizes the relevant requirements of the prohibition work to the majority of merchants, especially in the market towns within the prohibition area. On the one hand, they actively explain the city’s fireworks prohibition regulations face to face with the merchants.On the other hand, hotels, restaurants and other key industries along the street, but also to further urge merchants to take the initiative to persuade customers not to set off fireworks, to fulfill the dissuasion and guidance obligations.”Boss, fireworks sales to standard!”During the inspection and inspection, the team members focus on the inspection of the merchants who are allowed to sell fireworks and firecrackers, and urge the merchants to implement the responsibility of “three guarantees in front of the door”. At the same time, they strengthen the inspection and resolutely punish and ban those who violate the urban management regulations by selling fireworks and firecrackers in the flow, occupying the road and setting points for sales, and selling fireworks and firecrackers in front of the door.As the Spring Festival approaching, the next step, the group will continue to intensify fireworks banned work, strengthening the daily dynamic search controls, in a timely manner to ban mobile sales, strong-arming, Ms. Heaton-renshaw and other operating fireworks behavior by the door, to strengthen the supervision and administration of “3 packets” in front of the area along the street merchant, efforts to create a civilized, safe and livable urban environment.Proofreading Xu Hang