Rainbow official new notebook!Valentine’s Day romance for gamers?

2022-05-09 0 By

On Valentine’s Day in 2022, Qirainbow released a colorful cartoon on its official weibo account.Choosing to warm up new products on Valentine’s Day means that consumers fall in love with new products at first sight.With an engaging plot and exquisite drawing style, the comic tells the story of an ordinary man who becomes a hero in his own life.The comic also hides many Easter eggs: for example, it pays homage to The REPRESENTATIVE IP of General Star X15, Lei Zhenzi;There is also the frequent appearance of a General Star laptop, which seems to indicate that a new product based on the General Star X15 game will be released soon.It is understood that seven rainbow game this new product will be on sale at 0:00 on February 17, out of the product with a full breakthrough in appearance design, the price of the product is also very advantageous.As things stand, the new laptop is likely to have a core 12 standard, with a variety of mobile RTX 3050/Ti models, and possibly an RTX 3060 or higher.At the same time as the release of the cartoon, the rainbow official released the latest preheated poster, which contains many details of the new product.The preheating poster adopts blue and black color design full of sense of science and technology, and the background continues the traditional elements of rainbow general star X15 series and the tension of the calligraphy font.Laptops are available in grey and blue versions, and offer one USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and separate 3.5mm headphone, microphone port, one full USB-C port and receptable RJ-45 port.In addition to the speculation configuration, the price is also the focus of players, seven rainbow will be unveiled on February 16.The poster also reveals that the new product will officially go on sale at midnight on February 17, so don’t miss it if you are interested.Editor’s Comment: As a traditional hardware factory, Qirainbow launched its first game in 2021. Through personalized appearance design and good cost performance, it has gained the attention of many players who most seek personality and performance.The new generation of star X15 new 12 generation of core outside, he can also bring what surprises, still very worthy of our expectation.