2 to 1.Chinese women’s ice hockey “point” to Japan ushered in two consecutive wins

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Hu Baozhen (left) attacks during the match.China beat Japan 2-1 in group B of women’s ice hockey at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 6, 2018.The Chinese women’s ice hockey team and the Japanese team are old rivals, and both teams are the first group in Asian women’s ice hockey.China has failed to compete in the past two Winter Olympics.Japan, on the other hand, has made rapid progress over the past decade, reaching the tournament in Sochi and Pyeongchang through qualifying and securing a spot in Beijing by placing sixth in the top group of the World Championships.The Japanese female ice figure does not dominate, but its small quick spirit characteristics is very outstanding, the first two consecutive wins Sweden, Denmark accumulate 6 points ranked group B top.China’s record in the first two games is 1-1 and the team is currently ranked third in Group B.Compared to the previous match against Denmark, China’s squad was more neat, with Zhang Xifang returning from injury.This game, China sent Zhou Jiaying, Yu Baiwei, Wang Yuting, Lin Qiqi, Miller, Lin Ni’s starting lineup.Ten minutes into the first quarter, Zhang mengying and her teammates collided and were stretchered off.With two minutes left in the first quarter, Japan took advantage of a few chances and scored by defender Akane Hosoyama.In the second quarter, neither team was productive.No. 15 Hu Baozhen equalized a minute into the third quarter after a melee in front of the goal, her first goal of the Games.In the third quarter, the score remained 1-1 and the two teams went into overtime.In this game, China and Japan played a big offensive battle, and the shots were evenly matched 25-28.According to the rules of ice hockey, each team has one goalie and three players in overtime, and the game is sudden death.Chinese goalkeeper Zhou Jiaying had a brave game.Photo/Xinhua Extra time, the two teams still did not score, the game was forced to go to penalties.In the penalty shootout, Chinese goalkeeper Zhou Jiaying saved shots from all five Japanese players.Although China missed the first three shots, but the fourth appearance of The Miller hit the winner, to help China seal the victory.At 9:10 p.m. tomorrow night, China women’s ice team will face Sweden, the last opponent in the group stage.Edited by Beijing News Chief reporter Sun Haiguang and Han Shuangming