Lost to Vietnam 1:3 on the first day of Chinese New Year, slapped everyone in the face, only li tie laughed!

2022-05-10 0 By

Of all the media posts, I should be the most pessimistic, but I only dare to admit a draw or a small loss, the real situation is that we are all wrong, is a complete defeat!If Li Xiaopeng really has courage and responsibility, really for the National football Team, he should resign, let the national football team introduce foreign teachers, a little earlier on the right track.This man is worse than you think, thicker than you think.He took over the national football team two months preparation time, not the first time to work, but the first time to find Li Tie together, and have no shame to show off.More than a month, until the game is about to start, make a 15-person coaching team, 52 people of the list, more outrageous is, he actually did not practice, finally with national Security two treasure dangling to Japan, Li Taishou name is not in vain.Therefore, Li Tie laughed at my previous article and suggested zheng Zhi not to wade in his muddy waters. This man is obviously a muddle, relying on his mouth to rely on the position on the meeting.His tactical arrangement, personnel configuration let you feel unbelievable, China’s biggest problem is the midfield, can not hold the ball, can not clear tactical thinking, Alan is because of what hit the striker?Why was Yan Dinghao abandoned?I have a fan who said he bet heavily on Vietnam to draw, I said as long as Alan plays forward, he basically can’t lose….Unfortunately, all people blame Luo Guofu, a few reporters even said that he should be fired, the vicious words are incredible.I’m surprised, whatever you try to placate, this national football team is alienated from naturalized players.Without programmers, Yan Junling and Wang Shenchao should have kicked out of the first, without Li Tie li Xiaopeng, several people can not start.The commentator said sadly: If you don’t like it, you can change the channel, we have to go on.Hope li Xiaopeng for the face of Chinese football, in order to give the national football team a little chance, will take the initiative to resign.Someone must stand up and be responsible. Will Li Xiaopeng resign?I still that sentence, can exchange for an excellent foreign teacher, Vietnam is also worth losing!If you like, please click on the recommendation, so that more people can see my efforts, and I hope you leave a message to discuss, I will reply one by one!