Be a happy cook and love my kitchen forever

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I’m a kitchen lover for years and always have been.Love those POTS and pans, bottles, also love those non-staple spices, rice vegetables, and countless beans, peanuts.When I was in high school, I helped my parents in the kitchen.Choosing vegetables, washing vegetables, cleaning rice, braising rice, big people teach once, I can smoothly dry down.It’s like, I was born with a connection to the kitchen.So that after working, the canteen of the unit has become my favorite place to stay.Often and fat master to learn a dish, back home, I will be eager to show off to parents.At that time, my favorite dream after dinner is to have a separate kitchen belonging to me.When I got married, my dream came true.My wife and I both love the kitchen and cleaning.Of 20 years ago decorate a design, want to compare now soil a lot of, but we still dressed up the kitchen the appearance that likes most.The ceramic tile on the wall, the hook behind the door, the warm tablecloth, the comfortable wooden chair, the small ornament of every corner, all come from our creativity.Our site, we call the shots, full play, free imagination play, in a few square meters of space, even if the meal is also easy to eat heart.When something happy happens, we buy food and cook, and excitedly work out the new dish we have been thinking about for a long time.When someone is depressed at work, we go to the kitchen as usual and pull the roots and leaves of vegetables to straighten out their confused mood.Even if we have a conflict, kneading noodles, steaming rice and stewing vegetables are the two of us in the kitchen.He said what he needed to say, only without the usual banter.No matter how much trouble people have, do not contend with life.Time, not because of who is in a bad mood, and stagnation in a moment.Sunrise night, always follow the rules.So, feel all the time, hot and hot kitchen, it is a good place to dissipate bitterness in the heart.No matter outside the wind and rain, or trivial in the home, all rely on thick fireworks to resolve.Every day, you come back late, he comes back early, no matter when he gets home, there are hot meals and hot tea waiting for us.A bag of rice noodles, a spoon of oil and salt, a bag of cucumbers, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs.In our hands, become warm heart warm stomach meal after meal.The road we traveled together, the meals we ate together, slowly accumulated into a family together year after year.Because of love, we pay, because of pay, we gain more love.So, the kitchen is the core of the home, but also the essence of the home, a lot of care for adults and children, are hidden there.Even those hanging on the shelf, put in the drawer all kitchen utensils, are our eyes, hands of the treasure.After washing and brushing, gently take and gently put, for many years, clank bright still clank bright, smooth still smooth.What we picked out in the rain, what we picked out in the snow, what we picked out in the mall, what we picked out in the grocery store.Each one, in our eyes, carries a story, each one, as if already has a soul.Often when cooking, looking at the hand of the kitchen utensils, will be lost in the past, bow, warm once upon a time, will re-emerge.I believe, a temperature kitchen, can certainly achieve a heat home.Live a good life, home peace.You have boiling confidence, for the ideal of the mountain high water wide to run.So, whether you are an ordinary office worker, or a brilliant commander.I wish you could go home every day, wash your hands and make soup for the people you love.Because, our whole life of the rush, are behind that piece, shining lights.About the author: Fan Xiuchun, pen name April Lily.Write warm words, live a warm life.