Hunan TV Chinese Spring Festival Gala shows the feelings of family and country

2022-05-11 0 By

The “Spring Festival Gala 2022” will be broadcast on Hunan SATELLITE TV at 19:30 on The first day of The Chinese New Year in 2022 (February 1).This year’s “Chinese Spring Festival gala” to silicon valley spring garden party, share two Chinese roommate back to the ancestral home for the holiday, interesting experience, about Laos overseas representative power back to the hometown of shaoyang, hunan province rural revitalization of the touching story, read “the first person of Chinese high jump” Zheng Fengrong to grandson is going to attend the Beijing Olympic hockey athletes Zheng Enlai a letter,Watch the three astronauts on The Shenzhou 13 mission celebrate the Spring Festival in China’s space station.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zu Weiwei editor cui Wei