Natto is still popular, B station first show live, flow shoulder-son also have to see the original anchor

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With the rapid development of Internet, network anchor emerge in endlessly, from the beginning of pure talent anchor to the mouth of the later hi anchor, wear replayed, outdoor anchor, to eat, such as development up to now, there is even a cloud form the host, is in front of the cameras without interaction, open the camera to live line, big wide world out there, and have to say that heaven and earth is more and more miss early generation of anchor at that time,All rely on real talent and learning to struggle the world, without some real ability can not come out.In my memory, the first generation of anchors included Von Timmer, Leng, Nado, etc. They were all popular talent anchors five or six years ago. Different from today’s era when they were popular all over the platform just by looking at a face, they were all top students in famous schools at that time, and they not only had high appearance but also could sing as well as any other singers.For example, natto is recognized as a talented singer-songwriter in the live broadcasting industry.Natto was the first generation anchor who was very inspirational at that time. When she was still studying at Sichuan Conservatory of Music, she worked as the narrator in the “Full-time Master Special”. Later, because of her outstanding image, she played the role of little matchmaker fuchsbau and got out of the circle.”Company”, “Half Price of the second cup” and “Of course” are all her original works.With outstanding ability, Natto stood out from many anchors and achieved good results on all major platforms. She was one of the top ten Douyu anchors in 2017, the first sister of B station live broadcast, and many large events offline and online, becoming the most popular female anchor at that time.But later, Natto for his dream of a singer and transition, focus on the stage and album, slowly faded out of the live broadcast circle, become a fan of the regret.Recently, a news story will accept beans on February 5th to return to live, the platform is his former club station b, this time live to promote his new single, on the other hand also natto on live area before old fans a gratitude, natto is not to the entertainment industry transformation is actually forgotten once famous for her studio old fans, for her,Everywhere is a stage, and she never forgets where she came from.This news has attracted the attention of the whole platform, old fans have said that it is true that ye Qing back, Natto left these years have not seen high-quality talent live for a long time, please sister live in the studio do not leave!It can be seen that although Natto low-key for a period of time, but the popularity and attention is still the same, worthy of the flow of the year, it seems that the live broadcast has to see the original anchor!