The story of shansi and the Fool

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Any fool knows what “stupid” means.What kind of melon is “melon”?Watermelon?Wax gourd?Cucumber?Sweet potato?Hami melon…?(2) How do melons become stupid?And when did it become associated with “stupid”?(You think ah, stupid is not good group of words, in addition to the general word “fool”, the Beijing people’s “silly”, taiyuan people’s “silly goods” is more convenient, powerful) (3) this “fool”, and shanxi people what relationship?It’s fun to say.1 there is a minority called “melon seed clan” this clan is more “silly” “melon seed clan” is more silly, is the historian Gu jiegang’s conclusion.Mr. Gu heard from a local scholar that there was an ethnic group called “guazi” in the Qinling Mountains in the north of Yangxian county, Shaanxi province.These people were “slow, small, big, round, with a smile and little speech, and abnormal pronunciation”;These people are “very honest and que” and lead a hard life. Most of them are migrant workers who work as farm workers and grind for others.Because of their “court” also, it is called “‘ fool ‘, and ‘melon seeds’ of the family number anti-hidden.”Melon seeds = fool.2 Melon seed tribe moved from Melon State “melon” big melon seed tribe why is called “melon seed” tribe?Because they’re from Guadua.Guazhou in today’s Jiuquan area of Gansu province (Jiuquan ancient name guazhou.This guazhou is not jingkou Guazhou one water between the guazhou.One of them had water, the other didn’t), and moved all the way south, through the Qinling Mountains (leaving behind the guazi tribe), to the south of Shanxi (note, to Shanxi).Why is Gua State called Gua State?Because of the local “health of the United States melon” (melon state named because of big melon, there is a circumstantial evidence: its neighbor Ganzhou, zhangye today, is because of the oasis named).The melon is big (big is beautiful).How big is a sheep?Yan Shigu of The Sui and Tang Dynasties said: the old fox went into the melon to eat it, but could not see its head and tail.Today gansu, Sichuan two provinces also call the fool “melon seed”, “melon child”.(See, it’s almost the “melon seed clan” route).Audio from Chengdu pig millet melon baby, give laozi climb.Climbing is like rolling, crawling is more awkward, rolling is faster melon baby, I met you.”Guazhou” appeared twice in Zuo Zhuan, both related to the State of Jin. The aborigines of Guazhou are Xirong people, divided into two branches, one is jiang Rong family name jiang, one is Yin Rong family name Yun.Guazhou appeared twice in Zuo Zhuan, respectively mentioning these two branches.Are all related to the State of Jin.One was zuo Zhuan: The Fourteenth Year of Duke Xiang.The State of Jin was about to arrest The leader of the Jiang Rong clan, Komoji, for “leaking secrets”, an act of ingratitude.Fan Xuanzi, minister of the State of Jin, was deeply distressed and said, “Come!Or’s!Let me tell you something about your ancestor Wuli. He was forced out of Guazhou by the people of The state of Qin. He was displaced from place to place until he came to our state of Jin.Remember how messed up you guys were when you got here?– The clothes are made of thatch!The hat is made of thorns!At that time, our state of Jin was not rich either. However, duke Hui, the sovereign of the state of Jin, still allotted to you the southern part of the state, which was not rich in the first place, so that you would not suffer from displacement.But look what you’ve done.Alas!We look at the map to see how many areas jiang Rong shi had to settle down.Do you think we shanxi people are stupid or not?(Of course, Komayoji has the right to defend himself.After a smooth flow of communication, the two sides reconciled, to everyone’s satisfaction.The other was The Ninth Year of Zhao Gong, Zuo Zhuan.This time, the son of Zhou detested Duke Hui.Because zhou and Jin were fighting for land, one of the mercenaries the Jin fought against was Rong Yin, who had moved with Rong Jiang.The King of Zhou sent one of his ministers to scold these bad men whose surname was Yun. They had been living in Guazhou honestly, but the state of Jin had lured them here. Then these soldiers occupied China and would never leave.You tell me, whose fault is this?(ah?Are the Jin people really so far-sighted?4 “fool” brothers good beginning since the yuan dynasty “melon” than “silly” silly early Mr. Xu hui in his “how the ancients curse · fool” said :(1) “silly” is the song dynasty only appeared later word, “silly” in front of “melon”, is the song dynasty after the matter.(2) In the Yuan song “Ten Spies Make Trouble in Yan ‘an Mansion”, “fool” appears twice: “He detained the hall and beat me, but when I think of it, I am a fool.””Two of us are soldiers in the yuan Shuai Fu, one is Joe dui, and the other is Ren Fool.”So, when does a melon become stupid?Mr. Xu said it was tang Dynasty at the latest.Rich prime minister he Zhizhang (this person we all know) gave birth to a son, ecstatic, please give the emperor a name.The emperor said solemnly, call fu.What does fu mean?Take good care of children.This is fu from oracle bone script, gold script to seal script, the first several glyphs (according to the “pictograph dictionary”.Wu Dawan xian chu explained it as “protect the son shape with hand (claw)”. He Xiang felt this word was very good and was very happy.But the story doesn’t end there.After a long time, the old man came to his senses and was fooled.The original boss is not to give himself a “fu” word, but to two words – “melon seeds” (the structure of the “fu” broken into two words.”Fu” above “claw” of course not “melon”, but people’s parents like ah), see this official script melon like claw.(according to “pictographic dictionary”) melon seeds what meaning?What do you mean?Laugh three times) This matter is true, recorded in the book of Tang.Do not say how the emperor can not help but laugh, how to laugh and cry, at least explain, melon seeds = fool, the most late when tang had it?See, melon is stupid, and stupid early.5 There is another saying that the Guazi clan was created by the State of Jin. Mr. Xu Hui wrote a paragraph like this: “Zi” refers to a title.In ancient times, there were five levels of titles: duke, Marquis, bo, Zi and male. The sovereign of the state of Yidi could only be titled “Zi”, for example, the sovereign of Chu was called “Chu Zi”.After jiang Rong and Yin Rong migrated to jin, they were probably granted the title of “Zi”, so they were called “Guazi”.He added that such an explanation is just speculation because there is no historical evidence to support it.6 To study what is the continuance of the descendants of melons and the descendants of (die) are melons, melons are big melons, the descendants of small melons.Together, metaphorically handed down from generation to generation.”Book of Songs · Daya · Cotton” there is a sentence: continuous descendants of people born, from soil zu paint.Ju and lacquer are water names.The ancestors of these three words mean weeks like the flourishing of descendants of years successively, too to comparatively laid the foundation of wang industry.Now it’s a tribute to the prosperity of our children.Look, melon should not be a fool, otherwise, how can continuous down?Afraid afraid.7 miserably!What is the meaning of “fool”?You and I all know that “Zi” is a respectful title, such as Lao Zi, Sun Tzu, Confucius and even the corresponding respect of the general name of the person – “Master zi.”So “fool” is supposed to be the king of fools?So: is a fool the dumbest or the least stupid of all idiots?(2) Are we Shanxi people stupid or not?8 Postscript Recently read Mr. Xu Hui’s article “how the ancients curse people · fool”.Because this “fool” and Shanxi people can not get rid of the involvement, so interested, so repeatedly read several times (sorry, several times to understand), so their understanding of Xu Wen, “translated” into the above words (plus some circumstantial evidence.For the sake of convenience, the source will not be explained.Good books recommended: Editor: 942668 Submission: email: