There’s been a break in the rain, but this is something we need to do!

2022-05-11 0 By

Recently, the main theme of Zhejiang is rain, and Hangzhou is continuous rain. Many people feel that they have not seen sunshine for many days. Yesterday afternoon, by the West Lake in Hangzhou, the light rain stopped temporarily near the Qian Wang Temple.According to the data of Zhejiang Climate Center, the average precipitation of the whole province from January 22 to February 10 was 119.2 mm, 2.3 times of that of the same period all the year round, while hangzhou with the most precipitation was 202.6 mm, 3.9 times of that of the same period in history.Lantern Festival before and after is 14 to 16 my province rain break zhejiang daytime mainly cloudy weather temperature will climb to more than 10 degrees Celsius did not dry clothes saved!Zhejiang red TV, today’s theme of Hangzhou, a word: sun!Look at today’s rainfall forecast chart small make up shed excited tears, however, small make up also want to remind you that this intermittent said long is not long only three days at present the cold and warm air is still not high or low, so 17 began to rain will come back, and the momentum of washing and drying clothes can seize the time!Source: Zhejiang Jingshi News, Zhejiang red TV, Zhejiang Online, Zhejiang weather, Zhejiang news client editor: Qiang Wei