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Wuhan Poly lion online Education Technology Co., LTD. : Middle school education resources written test writing 题 目 标 题 most candidates should all know that there is a question in the comprehensive quality of the paper accounted for a full 1/3 of the total score of the paper?What?I don’t know!Let tutu reveal the answer, the writing question of course!A composition, fully 50 points, can be called through the comprehensive quality examination winning point.So, the next question is, how long has it been since you wrote a composition?Can you write enough for 1000 characters for middle school and 800 for primary school and kindergarten?Can you write it?Does the picture above reflect you right now?But tutu wants to say is: and listen to Tutu teacher will write the answer template slowly way!Answer train of thought (a) examine good topic 1. Examine style, see whether limit style.If there is no limit to the style, Tutu suggests writing an argumentative essay.2. Examine the topic type, pay attention to distinguish the topic composition and the topic composition.Of course, at present, material composition is the trend.3. Review requirements, such as “not less than 800 words”, “educational perspective”, “practical”, etc.Write a composition to avoid panic, so, be sure to leave enough time for yourself to read, examine, answer, so as not to give up.Here, Tutu said more than one, find their own learning section of the word mark line, must write enough words yo, otherwise will deduct big points!!Since material composition is the trend, intention has become a key link in writing.Here, Toot shares some common methods of ideation: ex tractive, subtractive, keyword syntax (high frequency words, related words, often need to be combined with the subject of the material).If you encounter many materials or divergent arguments, you will also use comprehensive summary examination method, complementary method.Tutu presented to everyone here, of course, an additional benefit, which is combined with the test paper, we summarized some common conception of the subject, such as patriotism, solidarity, tolerance, pay, setbacks, persistence, returns, independent, gratitude, responsibility, cherish, read, go forward, theory with practice, modesty, innovation, such as life theme class,Benevolence, encouragement, trust, respect, appreciation, personality, moral education, a model for teachers, teaching in accordance with their aptitude, heuristic teaching, gradual and other education and teaching classes.If encounter educational teaching kind, the educational theory that you had carried on the back in preparing for an examination can send go up completely big use!Of course, avoid large sections of recitation, after all, writing questions are not essay questions.(three) cloth good bureau 1. Title (” eye “;In the middle.15 words or less;Positive and healthy thinking;Quote famous aphorisms, idioms and allusions, famous sentences in ancient poetry, film and television, etc., or use metaphors, antithesis, rhetorical devices.If you don’t have a title when you start writing, make sure to fill it in at the end and don’t miss it!!2. The beginning (about 150 words, can be combined with the material, put forward the argument, parallelism, question, quotation, suspense, interpretation, contrast.)3. In the middle (reasoning methods: for example, suppose, contrast, reference, truth, condition) (1) side-by-side (argument point 2 + 1 + points points point 3) (2) reference type (positive + negative) (3) progressive type (type “what – why – how to do” or “from small to large scale”) the first such as: argument 1: what is – define points argument 2:Nature → man → society → Individual → family (others) → society (nation, country) Material → spiritual level 4.Ending (reference form, echoing the title, reference to the beginning;Appeal type or question type, resonance, thought-provoking;Reference type;From the perspective of teachers and education.Finally, again emphasize that the writing question is subjective after all, the score will have a subjective impression of the volume points, so we must ensure that the handwriting is neat, beautiful volume!!