Pity!The two archrivals of the Women’s volleyball team announced their retirement from the national team and are the main rivals of the Chinese team in the World Championship

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While The Chinese women’s volleyball team is actively selecting talent for the national team, the Dutch women’s volleyball team, the host country of the World Championships, has heard bad news that their two deputy officers announced their retirement from the national team.De Cruyff, 31, and Berrien, 29, will retire from the women’s national team to focus on the professional league, according to the Dutch Volleyball Association.These two assistants can be said to be the Dutch women’s volleyball team’s exploits, for the team to get the Rio Olympic Games fourth place set a great contribution.De Cruyff is known as the “Queen of Europe back fly”, her back fly is different from the traditional Asian back fly, with a little high, fast, powerful smash characteristics, is the Dutch team two attack rounds of the main ferry weapon.In addition, her blocking ability is also more outstanding.De Cruyff has been a member of the Dutch women’s volleyball national team since 2008. She has played in more than 300 international matches for the Netherlands. In addition to the fourth place in the Rio Olympics, she also led the Dutch volleyball team to the second place in the 2009, 2015 and 2017 European Championships and the third place in the 2016 Grand Prix.In the professional league, de Cruyff has been the main side of the serie A giants Conegliano, 19 and 21 world Club Cup was the best side.Berrien, another deputy, is also a Dutch star well known to Chinese fans.She has been the main force of the Dutch women’s Volleyball team since she joined the team in 2013. She helped the team to win the second place in two European Championships, the third place in one Grand Prix, the fourth place in one Olympic Games and the fourth place in the World Championships.It can be said that the Dutch women’s volleyball side attack line pillar.Berrien is best known by fans for her spike power.According to the ranking of women volleyball players’ attack speed released by fiVB, Berrien ranked 10th with 99.8KM/H and was the only assistant player to make the list.And she also played in the World Cup shot 100-100 statistics.This 100 % not substitute, but with the main identity of the entire game.I have to say, Berrien is strong.After the failure in the Tokyo Olympic Games, they were disheartened, and the perennial competition caused by injuries, so they retired from the national team.Many fans mourned the loss, as the 2022 world Championships will be held in the Netherlands and Poland, and the Dutch women’s volleyball team will want to compete with their strongest team.The withdrawal of two powerful players is bound to weaken their overall strength.However, this is a good news for Chinese women’s Volleyball team. Although the Results of Dutch women’s volleyball team in Tokyo Olympic Cycle are not ideal, their strength still can not be underestimated, and the World Championship is a battle at home, if let them with the strongest team in the World Championship, Chinese women’s volleyball team will probably face a tough battle.The new Chinese women’s volleyball team aims to come out on top at the World Championships, with The Netherlands as its main rival.Fortunately, their two great generals have left, but also to the Chinese women’s volleyball team achieved good results to create a chance.