Prosperous New Year

2022-05-12 0 By

“Show” xiangtan New Year flavor.(Photo by Fang Yang) Flowers welcome the New Year.(Photo by Luo Tao) A happy family.(Reporter Luo Tao photo) Volunteer to send Spring Festival couplets.(reporter Fang Yang photo) The field is red.(correspondent Tian Nianjing photo) Busy shopping market.(reporter Li Xinhui photo) Happy to see the opera.(photo by Fang Yang) Happy New Year.(photo by reporter Li Xinhui) Hang lanterns and decorate the New Year.(reporter Mo Yaobo photo) Xiangtan Daily all media reporter Mo Yaobo after the New Year, the taste of the New Year has become more and more strong, streets and lanes decorated with lights, shopping malls beaming, the market is also gradually lively, fireworks again wake up.Xiangtan West gate sand ridge market, is already “red”.The market is decorated with couplets, paper cuttings, lanterns and colorful lanterns. Everything is thriving and full of happiness and joy.In the village market, a wide range of commodities, sizes, a complete range of agricultural and sideline products, accompanied by lively Shouting, emitting a strong Smell of the New Year.It is even more lively in the downtown area.Shopping malls and supermarkets, crowded business is hot;On the Windows of the street, there are all kinds of Chinese New Year mascots, red lanterns are hung high among the branches, and preserved fish and meat are hanging on the poles in front of the residential buildings and balconies, giving off the smell of Chinese New Year…Another red – hot Chinese year.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page