Super happy!Embiid on Simmons trade: Don’t answer that question anymore. He wants to be a superstar

2022-05-12 0 By

On February 12, the 76ers defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 100-87 in Philadelphia.After the game, Joel Embiid spoke to reporters about his thoughts on the Ben Simmons trade.”Yeah, I’m happy I don’t have to answer any more questions about that. It’s good for me, it’s good for my teammates,” Embiid said when asked if he was happy the Embiid deal was resolved.”It’s been a tough situation all year, but everybody can move on. I wish everybody the best of luck, but I’m just focused here and I want to try to win a championship.”On top of that, Embiid said of Simmons’ departure in the postseason: “What’s frustrating is that all the wins we’ve had have taken a back seat to our dominance in the regular season.However, winning is not the biggest factor, I guess he wants to own his own team and be a superstar is more important to him.”So, judging by Embiid’s comments, there’s no doubt that he thinks Simmons is being selfish.Embiid had 25 points, 19 rebounds, four assists, one steal and five blocks on both ends of the court.