The epidemic in Hong Kong is severe!Eleven entertainers were diagnosed in one week. Wu Linfeng and many others were isolated at home and not hospitalized

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On February 18, Hong Kong media reported that singer-songwriter Wu Linfeng announced his diagnosis on his social media account.Wu linfeng, 26, who started his career in 2019, is versatile and has composed many beautiful songs, which are popular among young people.A few days ago, he began to feel unwell, with sore throat, stuffy nose and other symptoms. He was very tired, but he did not have a fever.Since then, he has been recuperating at home, taking quick tests every day that have come back negative.So on Tuesday, he went back to work in his studio and went to the hospital.Unexpectedly, when he did the test again last night, it turned out to be positive and the initial diagnosis was confirmed. He decided to stay at home and contact friends he had met.Finally, he did not forget to ask everyone to pay good attention to the health and epidemic prevention.In fact, since this week, quite serious epidemic in Hong Kong, Hong Kong media reported yesterday, there were 10 artists confirmed a week, including liu weng, king kong, xue-mei zhu, Chen Muxian, Pan Jingwen, chan kin on, Feng Zhuoran, Zhou Tianheng, edmond lee and mike, plus the latest confirmed lin-feng wu, port circle with a total of 11 artists infected within a week.King Kong, 88, was hospitalized in stable condition.However, due to the lack of hospital beds, many artists can only like Wu Linfeng, temporary home isolation, not hospitalized.Host and actor Liu Weng revealed that his whole family had been diagnosed, but he and his family had to stay at home and ask friends to buy supplies and put them in front of the door because they had not been informed of his admission.Chen Jian ‘an, a member of the boy band, also stayed at home after the diagnosis. He revealed that on the first day, he had a scratchy throat, and on the second day, he suffered from cough and neck pain. On the third day, he felt cold, fever, headache and loss of appetite.Although he was not hospitalized, he still sincerely thanks the medical staff for their hard work. I hope everyone can come on together.Pan jingwen, 23, took part in TVB’s singing show “Legend of Sound Dream” last year.Did not get a good ranking of her, still won the television station, have the opportunity to debut as an artist, has been on a number of programs and shooting TV series, smooth development.She is currently in quarantine at home after a quick test that came back positive before she took part in the recording of Hit Songs.However, she doesn’t seem too worried and still updates her social media feed from time to time.Pan’s children’s show partner Wu Wensheng, who was later diagnosed, stopped working for safety reasons.According to him, he once had dinner with Pan Jingwen and took off his mask during the meal, suspecting that he was infected at that time.So many people have contracted the disease, it is really worrying people, wish them a speedy recovery, others also want to do a good job of personal hygiene safety, to protect themselves!