Truck headlines: Qingling Coffee small card listed card friends suspected to receive yellow orders

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Welcome to read truck headlines prepared by truck E.On March 21, 2022, with the theme of “small but extraordinary · Create wealth unlimited”, Qinglingling Coffee card was released and the whole series of high-quality compliance light truck tasting meeting was officially held in Jiangmen, known as the capital of Chinese overseas Chinese.With the outstanding advantages of “flexible, powerful, low fuel consumption, reliable and durable, excellent loading, high cost performance”, Qingling Coffee small card has attracted the attention of card users in the industry once it was launched. Now it is listed in Jiangmen, and it will also bring excellent opportunities for users here to create wealth.Light pair, the youth buster | sinotruk Howard MAX light luxury version of the power of science and technology in recent years, some life domestic logistics industry increasingly fierce competition, sinotruk recently listed Howard MAX light luxury version of the new models, cater to the demand for the development of logistics industry market, with new technology as friends card fu, is a meet scene transport demand more buster tool.Howard MAX Light luxury version to Sinotruk custom engine + the seventh generation S-AMT16 free shift gearbox + MAN technology bridge to create a non-polar S power chain, bring engine power, engine always maintain in the best economic speed zone.Perfect application of aerodynamics, wind resistance coefficient is only 0.49, further improve fuel economy, achieve DORA fast running, efficient and profitable.How to choose city dump slag truck?See come over!Under the background of double carbon strategy and oil price rise, the economic practicality of new energy slag transport vehicle has been recognized by more and more consumers.How to choose new?First of all, power should be sufficient, control should be comfortable, high range, short charging time, remote G1E using CRRC era permanent magnet synchronous motor, driving motor power 120-180KW, torque up to 500/1000N.m, strong power, the use of electric hydraulic power steering device, direction control is more portable.The battery adopts ningde era lithium iron phosphate battery, with a total power of 180kWh. The measured load can run 200km, and it can be filled in 2 hours, with high energy supplement efficiency.Help card friends strength to create wealth!Newly selected in the field of trucks, there is a brand favored by users for many years, with its profound accumulation of technology produced a lot of classic models, it is jianghuai heavy card.In the new market pattern, jianghuai heavy truck for the short-haul freight field of pain points for card friends tailored to create a new A5X 6 meters 8 truck.It is equipped with yuchai YCS06 6-cylinder engine, with large engine displacement, high torque, reliable power, durable and fuel-saving, which can easily cope with complex road conditions such as full load uphill and winding mountain road.In terms of lightweight, A5X adopts aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy steel rim and front and rear suspension spring structure, which can further reduce the vehicle weight and meet the load requirements.The actual loading quality is greatly increased and the single shipment is more profitable.Mercedes-benz trucks have come out!Which scania and Volvo models are expected to be localized?Domestic commercial vehicle industry today is flowers, Mercedes Benz, scania, Volvo, and other well-known foreign commercial vehicle brand has a factory in China, let the future domestic high-end truck market more competitive, Benz New Actros pioneered the domestic models, and truck e prediction, scania is expected to be in the G series heavy card implementation localization,Volvo is expected to domestically produce FH and FM series heavy trucks. Do you expect localization of these models?Hot tracking profit 1 million yuan!Lorry drivers run empty single earn platform welfare recently, some introspection, it found that more suspicious cargo platform business, these orders payment, reward new users use company of coupons, due to huge orders, up to more than 20000 pen, involving millions, freight platform choice alarm handling the case, the police received a report immediately after the action,They also caught more than 20 drivers who used the new numbers of relatives and friends to register accounts and issue fake orders to obtain benefits from the platform.At present, more than 20 drivers have been criminally arrested, can only say that thousands of roads, compliance first!Illegal business cannot be done!Card friends suspected to receive yellow orders?Remark was “the shipper” play is bad recently, a truck driver found in freight platform suspected adultury and orders, friends card added a remark WeChat, saw the release of the large circle of friends more confirm their ideas, to report platform to platform say friends sweat, and then upload video card friends online, after causing heated debate, platform selection alarm detection.In addition to the fake orders related to pornography, some card friends have even received orders to pick up people and throw garbage. These strange orders make people laugh and cry. But in addition to these, card friends hope that the freight platform can control those non-compliance orders with remarks of ultra high weight, can the platform do that?Overloading local license plates without penalizing out-of-town drivers?Card friend rage!Is it true?Recently, a number of Nanchang truck drivers to the media reflect that Fengxin county governance over the existence of differential treatment, differential law enforcement and other issues.Xiong, a truck driver in Nanchang, said that not long ago, he was stopped by staff while passing through the G354 Nanxing Line, Yichun Fengxin, and was fined 16,000 yuan at the over-limit station, an amount that most passengers could not afford.Later, this matter was reported by the relevant media, and the local relevant departments issued a strict treatment of the super document, hoping that this time really can be treated from the source, do not make a difference!And if the regulation is not strict, the final harm is truck drivers!In the past, when diesel or natural gas muck cars were used, the right of way was limited, fuel consumption and gas consumption cost was high, resulting in meager profits.Henan Hui Zhou construction engineering Co., LTD. General manager Yang Yong is also troubled.However, since he switched from gas cars to Yutong pure electric mucks in April 2021, the company seems to have been unlocked with new skills.1. As there is no right-of-way time limit, vehicle attendance is nearly three times higher than before.2. Eliminating fuel costs, so that Yang Yong has a grasp on cost reduction and efficiency.3. The government pushed hard, orders increased, business is getting better and better!Yang Yong said, Yutong pure electric muck car, he will continue to order!Saic Hongyan closely adheres to the development strategy of “new, Four modernizations” of SAIC Group, adheres to the construction concept of “standardization, Internet connection, data and ecology”, and insists on building a leading smart factory in China.High efficiency robot, stamping automation rate of 92%;The whole process data monitoring, welding automation rate increased to 58%;Robot instead of manual painting, painting automation, environmental protection;Final assembly digital ecosystem, achieving a 33% increase in vehicle production capacity;With the continuous advancement of smart factory, the self-revolution and intelligent upgrading of SAIC Hongyan manufacturing system has achieved periodic results, providing “intellectual” support and persistent backing for deepening the development needs of enterprises in the “14th Five-year Plan”.Follow truck e-clan, read truck headlines, learn more commercial vehicle industry news, product overview, policy analysis, the latest hot hand!