Baosen Lemon planting base UAV boost Anyue lemon control and harm reduction quality improvement

2022-05-13 0 By

Recently, in the lemon planting base of Baosen Tourist area, cultural town of Anyue County, a staff member is operating a plant protection drone to spray pesticides on lemons.Just 7 minutes, it completed 2 acres of lemon pest control tasks, both time and labor saving.At the event, the staff also introduced the performance and operational advantages of uav to the owners.It is reported that the use of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle spraying agents has the advantage of saving time, medicine and labor.A flight time of plant protection UAV is about 15 minutes, and each uav can spray about 150 mu per day, replacing 30 manual labor, saving 30% of drug cost and 60% of water cost.It can significantly improve the spraying efficiency, and the pesticide spraying is more uniform.Anyue YueXiang, head of the agricultural machinery professional cooperatives ZuoXiaoChuan “we this time specially invited chengdu day idea of arteries and veins to come to our an yue technology co., LTD., to bring their most advanced large xinjiang eppo uavs, an yue lemon for us to solve the rural labor and employment difficult, administer personnel heatstroke poisoning and a series of problems,In order to achieve the purpose of reducing the amount of pesticides and fertilizers and controlling harm more effectively, improve the quality of lemon and continue to serve Anyue.”In recent years, the innovative mode of using high-tech to improve the efficiency of agricultural production has become an important measure to vigorously promote rural revitalization and mechanization of agricultural production in Anyue County.By giving full play to the leading role of new agricultural business entities such as large farmers, family farms, cooperatives and agricultural enterprises, we can improve work efficiency and safety and reduce the use of pesticides, so that the agricultural industry can reduce costs and increase efficiency and contribute to rural revitalization.